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Chapter 2055: Several meters apart

The three of them went into the forest and chatted occasionally. Since Zhuo Junyue didn’t speak much and the old man spoke the most, Feng Jiu didn’t ask any more questions.

It was a quiet journey. The fierce beasts in the forest were frightened off by the power of their mounts and didn’t even get closer. They were able to pass unimpeded without having to fight.

At noon, when they stopped to have a rest and took dry food out of the space to eat, a group of mercenaries also came here to have a rest.

When the mercenaries saw the three men and two beasts, they were surprised. After a close look, they recognized that the old man was Sage Hun Yuan of the Nebula Immortal Sect, while the other two were unknown to them.

“He is Sage Hun Yuan of the Nebula Immortal Sect, Captain. Would you like to go up and greet him? ” A mercenary asked the leader.

“Now that we’ve met, it would be better to greet him.” The leader answered, glancing behind him. “You’re all resting here. I’ll go ahead and greet him.”

Among the thirty or forty mercenaries sitting here resting, one of the men in mercenary uniforms, a tall and muscular man was eating his ration. If Feng Jiu saw him at this time, she would be overjoyed, because this man was none other than Guan Xilin who went to gain experience on his own after arriving at the continent.

The mercenary group leader did not come too close but saluted with cupped fists. “Immortal Lord Hun Yuan, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Seeing that he was recognized, Sage Hun Yuan glanced at the mercenary with surprise. “How did you recognize the old man? I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Immortal Lord doesn’t know me, but I had the honour to meet you once.” The mercenary smiled. “When I met Immortal Lord that time, I saw the scene of Immortal Lord saving people and I still remember it.”

Hearing this, Sage Hun Yuan smiled and stroked his beard. With a glance at Feng Jiu, he said, “I see. The old man is kind-hearted and often saves people when travelling outside. I’ve saved many, so I don’t remember.”

Feng Jiu didn’t give any reaction when she heard this. She didn’t say anything while nibbling on the dry food in her hand.

After talking to Sage Hun Yuan for a while, the mercenary group’s leader said goodbye. “Immortal Lord, my mercenary group is resting not far away from here. I will go back first. We’ll meet again if there’s a chance in the future.”

“You may go.”

The old man nodded. Seeing the mercenary group leader leaving, he then looked at Feng Jiu with a smile. “How was it, little girl? Did you see it? The old man is so popular. You should learn from me and save people. You’ll meet acquaintances any time you leave home. You may meet the person you saved one day. ”

“Let’s go after some rest! I haven’t seen any Volcanic Flare Stones after being here for so long!” Feng Jiu stood up, patted her azure robe and flipped over to ride on Cloud Devouring Beast’s back.

“What’s the hurry, the old man is in no hurry. ” Although he said this, he still hopped on his contract beast’s back and moved along beside her, while Zhuo Junyue still followed quietly and did not say much.

Soon after they left, when the people of the mercenary group were ready to move on after a rest, they heard the sound of rustling, followed by loud and oppressive laughter.

“Hahahaha! We ran into another mercenary group! It really took us no effort at all!”

In an instant, all the mercenaries stood up with their weapons in hand and looked around with vigilance…

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