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Chapter 2054: He is unmarried

Sage Hun Yuan stared at Feng Jiu, then looked back at Zhuo Junyue at his side. The expression in his eyes turned strange. The little girl stared at the dull man all the time. He was sure that she promised to journey together thanks to this dull man. She didn’t take a fancy to him, did she?

As he was thinking of him, Sage Hun Yuan stroked his beard. His astute eyes spun mischievously.

So, what was originally a solo trip became a three-man journey. Feng Jiu and Sage Hun Yuan were sitting on their mounts, going to the forest leisurely with Zhuo Junyue by their side. Along the way, several of them chatted.

“Girl, you…”

“I’m wearing men’s clothes now. Don’t call me a girl, just call me Little Jiu!” Feng Jiu said with her eyes facing the front.

“Alright, let me ask you, who did you learn Tai Chi from? Your master?” The old man looked at her excitedly. The little girl’s fighting technique was very skillful, so remarkable!

When she heard his question, Feng Jiu glanced at him with an odd expression. “When you eat eggs, do you still have to ask which chicken the egg came from?”

The old man was choked by this reply and was immediately speechless.

Feng Jiu passed him and her gaze fell on Zhuo Junyue. “Do you have other family members?” What was a better and faster way to ask for information than to ask yourself?

Hearing this, the old man stared at Feng Jiu strangely, thinking to himself, How can this little girl be so forthright when inquiring for information? Even if you are interested in that dull man, you can’t be so direct.

So he coughed a little and said, “Why don’t you just ask the old anything you want to know? The old man knows all about him.” He straightened up and looked at Feng Jiu as if saying ‘ask me, ask me!’.

When the old man saw that she ignored him, he could not help explaining, “He has both parents, with a paternal grandmother as well as a brother and a sister. He is twenty-seven years old this year and the most important thing is that he is still unmarried.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered. “Oh? Do you have a paternal grandmother? Then, where is his house located?” This time, she looked at Sage Hun Yuan.

“It’s in Cosmos City. The Zhuo family of Cosmos City. You’ll know as soon as you inquire. It’s not far from the Hundred Rivers City.” The old man said with a smile.

Zhuo Junyue glanced at the old man somewhat speechlessly. He knew exactly what the old man was up to. The old man had no idea what was going on and thus talked nonsense.

Feng Jiu nodded. “Mm, I know.” She took out the wine gourd to drink a sip of wine. So, it was the Zhuo family of Cosmos City.

“Little Jiu, why are you so curious about him? Are you interested in him?” The old man asked Feng Jiu with a smile. When this question was uttered, Feng Jiu immediately started choking.

“Cough cough!”

She coughed twice and glared at Sage Hun Yuan. “What nonsense? How is that possible!”

“Is it impossible?” The old man squinted at her in disbelief, obviously unconvinced.

“It’s impossible. I have a fiancé and only the wedding ceremony is left over.” Feng Jiu explained helplessly. This old man, what on earth was his brain thinking? How could she be interested in Zhuo Junyue? This was complete nonsense.

Zhuo Junyue also glanced at the old man with an unsightly expression.

“You have a fiancé? So, why did you inquire about him?” The old man asked strangely. What kind of man did such a remarkable girl like? He couldn’t help being a little curious.

Feng Jiu took a glimpse at Zhuo Jinyue and answered, “It’s for another reason.”

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