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Chapter 2031: Once A Handsome Man

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Feng Jiu was startled: “What are you talking about?”

Sage Hun Yuan glared: “Still acting dumb? I’m talking about you being my disciple!” As soon as he had said those words, he saw that the Little Scoundrel had curled his lips and looked away.

“Not doing it.” She didn’t want another Master.

Although back then when she had acknowledged Heavenly Dynasty Palace’s Palace Master Chu Ba Tian as her Master in the secret underwater mansion, and he was far less powerful than Sage Hun Yuan, however, she was indebted to Chu Ba Tian. He had helped her break through her mystical body spirit and her ancient divine sword, the Blue Edge, was also a gift from him. Although he had only left her some treasures, he had guided her about cultivation and she had used the items he had left behind with her own talent and became stronger step by step.

All her skills in this life, other than her skills she had learnt in her previous life, were all self-taught, so what was the point in acknowledging another Master? It would just give her more trouble.

All those years ago when she had acknowledged Chu Ba Tian as her Master, she had promised him that she would do three things for him. The power of Heavenly Dynasty Palace had since expanded from the lower continent to the upper continent in secret. The ancient divine sword Blue Edge was also in her hand. There was only one last thing left to do, and that was to find his descendants.

Unfortunately, it has proved difficult finding his descendants after so many years. Her Master Chu Ba Tian had dominated over the lower continent back then. However, the people that she had secretly sent to inquire in the lower continent had not brought back any news.

Now that she had reached the upper continent and their forces had moved here, it was even more difficult to find his descendents from the lower continent. Sometimes, she even wondered, were his descendents even still around? Or maybe they had retired from the world and lived as ordinary people?

After all, if his descendents were still around, when the news that Blue Edge was in her hands had reached them, they would have come looking for her. However, this matter was like a stone sinking into the ocean without any echo.

“Little Scoundrel? Little Scoundrel?”

When Sage Hun Yuan saw the young boy sitting in front of him had become distracted, he couldn’t help but stare: “Are my words so boring? How can you get distracted talking to me?”

Feng Jiu came out of her reverie and glanced at him: “I wasn’t distracted, I just happened to think of something.” She took a wine gourd out of space, unscrewed the lid and took a sip.

Once the lid had been unscrewed and the smell of the wine filled the air, Sage Hun Yuan’s eyes lit up. He swallowed and stared at the wine gourd in Feng Jiu’s hand: “A kid shouldn’t be drinking wine. Bring it here and let me taste it.”

He had stretched out his hand to take the wine gourd but Feng Jiu avoided him. She held the wine gourd in her arms and stared at him vigilantly: “Don’t you have your own? Why are you taking mine?” This old man was so greedy.

The old man was a little surprised at the speed at which he had avoided him and couldn’t help but stroke his beard. His eyes narrowed as he sized him up, and he said: “I think your wine is more fragrant. I am an elder so you have to respect me, do you understand?”

Feng Jiu laughed upon hearing that. She stared at the old man’s flushed complexion, his old face was so smooth that there wasn’t a wrinkle in sight, she said: “Other than your hair, beard and eyebrows being white, you don’t look like an old man at all.”

Upon hearing this, the old man smiled triumphantly: “That’s because I have maintained myself well. Back then, I was once a handsome man who had dazzled thousands of girls.”

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