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Chapter 2000: Going there in person

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“No, it’s more convenient for me to act alone. What’s more, Mo Chen is like a moving night pearl. He’s so dazzling wherever he goes. Won’t I invite trouble if he’s following me?” She chuckled. Mo Chen’s appearance and temperament were like a banished immortal. How could it be concealed easily?

“But…” They still wanted to say something, but Feng Jiu stopped them.

“All right, I know what you’re worried about, don’t worry! It’s not the first time I’ve been out alone.” She waved her hand to indicate that they need not say more. Then she said to Luo Yu, “Sort out the information and materials for me, and give them to me later.”

“Yes.” Luo Yu replied and then turned to leave.

“If anyone requests pills or potions while I’m away, you can deal with yourselves. But, if you can’t, wait for my return.” Feng Jiu told Du Fan and Leng Hua.

“Yes.” The two men responded.

After that, she went to the top floor, took out the teleportation device from the space, looked at it, and smiled when she found the Volcano Forest’s landmark.

“It’s a real treasure. Using this, one can go in and out freely.” She whispered. Her heart moved, wondering if there were any places beyond the sea up there.

So, she looked carefully but couldn’t find any locations marked as a foreign land on this teleportation device. But, there were places marked as the Phoenix Empire and others.

“There are no places abroad but the Phoenix Empire. So, it’s easy to go back.” She whispered softly and finally stored the teleportation device.

She took care of some of the Heavenly Pill Tower’s matters and made arrangements until the evening when Luo Yu brought the sorted materials to her. She told him that she would go back to the Feng Mansion first and asked someone to send a message to the Nalan’s house tomorrow, asking Mo Chen to come to the Feng Mansion.

Early morning the next day, Mo Chen came to the Feng Mansion. Leng Shuang led him to the inner courtyard. There were already a few drinks and dishes on the table. Feng Jiu, who was sitting there, smiled at him. His eyes flickered and he walked over with a smile.

“What’s the occasion? You’re inviting me for a drink?”

“Didn’t I tell you before that I’ll invite you here to drink some wine? These are my treasures.” Feng Jiu smiled and poured him a cup of wine. At the same time, she told him jokingly. “Don’t worry, mine is not the ‘drop after 3 cups’ kind of wine. You can rest easy.”

Mo Chen laughed. He pulled up his robe to sit down and then said. “Tell me frankly! If you don’t explain yourself to me first, I won’t enjoy today’s drink either!”

Feng Jiu’s eyes were filled with mirth. “It’s nothing serious. I’m going on a journey and would like your help to take care of the Heavenly Pill Tower for me.”

“Oh? Going on a journey? Where?” He was a little surprised. Xuanyuan Mo Ze had just left for a few days. Why did she go out too?

“I’m going to the Volcano Forest to deal with some things.” She took of a sip of wine. “I’ll leave in a few days.”

“Do you plan to go alone?”

He frowned slightly. “Are these the things your subordinates cannot handle so that you have to go by yourself? If so, you should take some people with you. If there’s something wrong in the journey, how can I explain it to that petty man?”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu chuckled and shook her head helplessly. “If you call Ze petty on his face, I guess you two will start to bicker again.”

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