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Chapter 1999: The news of Han Rong

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When Gu Xiangyi came out after his wound was bandaged, he heard his father asking Ghost Doctor the reason why she wanted to cooperate with them. When he heard this, he halted his steps. Indeed, he didn’t understand why she wanted to cooperate with them.

Feng Jiu smiled as she listened. “Naturally, it’s because I value your Gu Family’s integrity and reputation.”

Patriarch Gu looked at her deeply. “We’re grateful for Ghost Doctor’s regard. Rest assured, our Gu family won’t let you down.”

Feng Jiu nodded. “Then, let’s find another time to discuss our partnership.”

“Alright.” Patriarch Gu looked at his son who proceeded towards him and saw that his face was paler than before. He came over to his son and asked, “Xiangyi, how are you feeling?”

“I’m alright, Father.” Gu Xiangyi replied, then looked at Feng Jiu. “Ghost Doctor, we’ll come to visit another day.”

Feng Jiu’s face was wreathed with smiles. She told Leng Hua, “Send them off for me.”

“Patriarch Gu, Young Master Gu, please come this way.” He motioned to them with his hands and took them out.

“Farewell.” The two of them said and left.

Not long after, Leng Hua came back. “Mistress, they have left.”

“Mm.” Feng Jiu nodded and saw Luo Yu walk in. “Mistress, there’s news.”

“Huh? What news?”

“Mistress told us to check about Han Rong, it’s his news.”

Luo Yu answered. Seeing the smile on his mistress’ face disappeared, he reported solemnly. “He has indeed entered the Devil’s Path. Subordinate has received news recently that he may take a trip to the Volcano Forest. He’s there to collect some natural volcanic substance. This is an opportunity to kill him.”

After Mistress came back, she asked people to investigate Han Rong’s news secretly. They only received the news today. That Han Rong caused the Feng family so much suffering. He believed that his mistress would never let Han Rong go after knowing this news.

“The Volcano Forest.. ha ha…”

She chuckled but there’s no smile in her eyes. She took a walk in the courtyard. After some time had passed, she gave the instruction. “Leng Hua, handle the cooperation with the Gu Family with other staff. Take care of the Heavenly Pill Tower. At present, ordinary people won’t provoke us. I’m going to the Volcano Forest. When the time comes, I’ll leave Fire Phoenix to keep watch.”

When they heard this, several of them couldn’t help but glance at each other. Luo Yu asked, “Mistress, why don’t take us with you? We have seen his portrait and recognize Han Rong. If we go, won’t it be better for Mistress to stay here?”

“If Han Rong is easy to deal with, he won’t stay alive until today.” Feng Jiu sneered. “Since he possessed someone by force, he should know that the people of the Hell’s Palace and I are looking for him. He rarely went out and stayed next to Mo Zun. Since there’s a chance right now, I have to meet him in person.”

“With Han Rong’s cunning, I won’t rest assured if you’re going. I have to do it myself. It just so happens that I also want to see the Volcano Forest’s natural substance. If it’s useful, I will bring some of it back.”

She explained slowly. She glanced at a few of them and then smiled. “If you have something that you can’t solve, go find Mo Chen. I will ask him to help out at the Heavenly Pill Tower during this time.”

“Mistress, if you decide to go there yourself, why don’t you ask Young Master Mo Chen to accompany you? We’ll be worried if you go there alone…”

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