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Chapter 1997: Supply of medicinal materials

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Gu Xiangyi’s eyes flickered. He glanced at Feng Jiu and asked, “Ghost Doctor isn’t familiar with the Volcano Forest?”

“No, I haven’t been here for long.” She shook her head.

“The Volcano Forest is the forest where most people go to experience. But, deep inside the forest, there’s a large volcano that has been erupting once every three months. Although the eruption is dangerous, the molten rocks from the underground contain precious materials. That special material can even melt the ground, let alone human’s flesh.”

“At that time, I was only splashed by a few small molten rocks. I used medicine, but it was ineffective and made the wound more and more serious.”

Feng Jiu nodded and told the two of them. “This wound has worsened and infected the bone. If it is not dealt with as soon as possible, losing this hand is just a small matter. It is even very likely that your life will be lost.”

She looked at Gu Xiangyi and explained. “If you haven’t been taking medicinal pills to suppress the internal heat in your body, the internal heat caused by this wound alone would have poisoned and attacked your heart.”

When they heard this, the father and the son were shocked. It’s really because he took medicinal pills to remove poisonous heat. Since the wound festered and inflamed, if the poisonous heat couldn’t be expelled from the body, it would be forced into the body. If those pills to remove poisonous heat weren’t available, he would not still be alive.

As far as they knew, no one who had been scalded by the molten rocks had ever survived and they had come here to try. After all, there’s a glimmer of hope that he could survive.

“Please save him, Ghost Doctor.” Patriarch Gu said in a hurry.

Feng Jiu smiled. “Patriarch Gu should know the rules here.”

“I know. In addition to the medicine order, there must be the equivalent amount of gold coins and three 500-year-old spirit herbs, all of which I have brought.” Patriarch Gu answered quickly, taking out the three spirit herbs from the space.

To their surprise, Feng Jiu shook her head when she saw those three spirit herbs. “Although these three are indeed 500-years-old, they are not what I need. They are also not the necessary medicine to cure the Young Master’s injury. So, your spirit herbs are useless to me.”

Hearing this, Patriarch Gu turned pale. He looked at Feng Jiu, then at Gu Xiangyi. For a time he had no idea what to do. These spirit herbs were precious collections of his family. They were all rare spirit herbs that had reached 500 years maturity. It was very difficult to collect them. Now, these were not the spirit herbs she needed. Then…

Gu Xiangyi listened with a frown. He looked at Feng Jiu and asked. “Ghost Doctor, are you sure you can cure my injury?”

“Of course.” Feng Jiu smiled and nodded.

“Then, what are your conditions? I will never refuse as long as I can do it.”

When he heard his son’s reply, Patriarch Gu finally reacted. He looked at Feng Jiu and promised. “As long as Ghost Doctor can save my son, my Gu Family will never forget this great kindness. If you have any orders in the future, I will not refuse.”

Feng Jiu shook her head and looked at Gu Xiangyi with a smile. “Don’t be so serious. I just need you to do one thing for me.”

“What is it? The Gu father and son were surprised.

“I know that your Gu Family is in the spirit herb business. What I want are only the spirit herbs that we at the Heavenly Pill Tower regularly use every month. You will deliver all those to us. Of course, you won’t lose money price-wise. All you have to do is help us collect the spirit herbs and supply them to us.”

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