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Chapter 1990: The Inquiry

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He didn’t care about matters concerning love. He just wanted to do his job well and stay by the Mistress’ side. It’s impossible for him to be attracted to Young Miss Xiao Er!

Du Fan chuckled softly. “Nothing in the world is absolute. Who knows about things such as fate?” He stood up and walked out laughing.

The next day, Yang Xiao Er avoided Leng Hua. She also didn’t dare to approach him because Du Fan’s remark made her feel inferior, in particular Leng Hua’s gentle temperament and outstanding looks. As long as she recalled Du Fan’s words, she couldn’t hold her head up whenever she saw Leng Hua.

Leng Hua was surprised to see her avoiding him, so he didn’t say any more.

Feng Jiu took care of things in the Heavenly Pill Tower. After refining a batch of medicinal pills and was about to go back to the Feng Mansion, she saw Yang Xiao Er wiping the cabinet listlessly when she arrived on the first floor. She could not help but call Leng Hua to inquire.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Er? She was so excited this morning. Why is she like this now? Is she not used to it?”

Leng Hua listened with a wry smile and told her what had happened in the morning.

“Well, she’s been avoiding me since morning. When we’re talking, she’s not even looking at me. I wonder if Du Fan went too far with his remarks. Shall I talk to her?”

Feng Jiu smiled. “So, that’s why. It’s alright, you can go back to work! Leave her to me.” She motioned for Leng Hua to leave and then walked towards Yang Xiao Er.

“Xiao Er.”

“Sister Feng.” Yang Xiao Er raised her head and looked at Feng Jiu. “Are you going home?”

“Mm. I’m planning to. How are you? Are you getting used to it?” Feng Jiu asked with a smile.

“Yes, it’s not difficult to help out here.” She answered, lowering her head again. Although it’s not difficult to work here, she also discovered at the end of the day that the buyers preferred beautiful attendants who had nice figures and were unwilling to look for her.

Feng Jiu smiled. “I plan to go out and do some shopping. Please go with me!”

“Alright.” Yang Xiao Er replied, then came out of the counter and followed Feng Jiu.

When she went outside, she kept her head bowed and her hands wrung the corners of her clothes as if thinking about things. Occasionally, she looked up at Feng Jiu as if she wanted to say something.

“What’s wrong? You have something to tell me?” Feng Jiu asked with a smile when Yang Xiao Er said nothing.

Yang Xiao Er looked at Feng Jiu: her beautiful face, red dress, and voluptuous figure. Many people looked back at her when walking on the street. The men’s infatuated gazes as well as the women’s envious eyes all fell on her.

“Sister Feng, do all men like beauties? Is it their innate nature to like beautiful women?”

Feng Jiu laughed softly when she heard this question. While walking, she told Yang Xiao Er about her acquaintance with Xuanyuan Mo Ze and at the same time bought some things in the market for Mo Ze so that he could take it with him.

“So, my face was still disfigured at that time. Afterwards, I was still struggling. I had no idea when we gradually came together. In fact, it’s men’s instinct to love beauty. What keeps a man’s heart is not a woman’s appearance or figure, but it’s you. It’s one’s inner beauty – that is real beauty.”

She smiled and looked at her. “If a person really loves you, then whether you’re fat or thin, you’re the most beautiful in his eyes and no one can compare to you.”

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