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Chapter 1985: He Also Exchanged Pills

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Feng Jiu had only intended on resting for a while. However, she fell into a deep sleep in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arms. Xuanyuan Mo Ze was worried that she would be uncomfortable sleeping like that, so after he had hit her sleeping acupressure point, he picked her up and walked outside.

“I’m taking her back. You can show her today’s performance report and documents tomorrow. You should share more of the responsibilities of the Tower so that she doesn’t get too tired.”

“Rest assured Hell’s Lord, we will.” The two nodded. After they glanced at each other, Du Fan asked: “By the way, Hell’s Lord, there is something I want to inform you.”

As he held the familiar body of Feng Jiu in his arms and pulled the cloak further up to cover her body, Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked: “What is it?”

“Immortal Lord Stillwater came here today. He took a liking to two medicinal pills on the second floor. In the end, he exchanged the two medicinal pills with gold coins and medicines. Those two pills that have life saving effects are called Soul Returning Pills.”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flickered. He looked at the two of them and asked: “Anything else?”

“Actually, he also liked a few other items but he didn’t have any corresponding medicines to exchange for them. We saw him standing in front of a bottle of potion on the second floor for a long time before he finally left.”

In fact, they had intended to inform their master of this matter. However, since their master was asleep, they didn’t get the chance to do so and could only wait till tomorrow to tell her. But since Hell’s Lord was Immortal Lord Stillwater’s disciple, and he was leaving to go on a trip with him soon, naturally, it seemed wise to let him know.

“Alright, I know.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze responded and left with Feng Jiu in his arms.

After the two of them had watched Xuanyuan Mo Ze leave with their master, they retracted their gazes and went back to the building to take care of the business.

As for Xuanyuan Mo Ze, he lifted his breath and skimmed through the air with Feng Jiu wrapped in the cloak in his arms and brought her back to the Feng Manor. Upon entering the wing-room, he placed her gently on the bed and covered her with a quilt before he walked outside.

“What’s the matter?” He asked Gray Wolf who was standing guard outside.

“Master, Immortal Lord Stillwater went to Heavenly Pill Tower today. He…” Gray Wolf was just about to tell him the events that had happened today when he saw him raise a hand and stopped him.

“This Lord already knows about this. Besides, I ordered you to follow him not to monitor him but to take care of him if necessary.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned and instructed.

Gray Wolf sighed upon hearing this: “Subordinate knows, but Immortal Lord Stillwater doesn’t need subordinate to do anything for him! He won’t even let subordinate come too close to him because I will disturb him. He made subordinate swear that he will not speak if I follow him.”

He had been holding back these few days because of this!

“Alright, you can tell me more tomorrow. Go back to Ling Manor and take care of things.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze waved his hand and said, then turned around and entered the room. After he had removed his cloak, he lay down beside Feng Jiu and reached out to hug her in his arms.

The next morning.

Feng Jiu woke up and found herself in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arms. She looked at the room and realised that they were no longer in the attic of Heavenly Pill Tower. She looked at the person who was still asleep beside her and had just raised her leg to get out of bed quietly when she saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze had opened his eyes and reached out to hug her. With a twist of his body, he pinned her outstretched leg down and hugged her in his arms.

“Did I wake you up?” Feng Jiu asked with a smile, then said: “You should let me sleep on the outside of the bed then I don’t have to climb over you to get out of bed when I wake up.”

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