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Chapter 1984: Like This

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“Rest assured Master! I will take good care of the elder.” Fan Lin said with a smile and after he had watched them leave, he turned and walked into the wing-room.

Old Tan who had laid back down hesitated when he saw him enter, then asked: “Who exactly is she? Will I really not cause trouble for her by being here?”

“Rest assured Elder! Since my Master said that it will be fine, that means that she has the ability to deal with it. You can rest with peace of mind.” Fan Lin said. He looked at the old man on the bed and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter who my Master is. Elder need only know that she won’t hurt you.”

Old Tan fell silent and didn’t speak anymore. Of course he knew that Feng Jiu would never harm him. He had spent some time with this person and he knew that she was a trustworthy person.

“Was the potion I drank earlier very expensive?” Old Tan asked. He thought to himself, did he have anything of value in his space ring worthy of the potion?

Fan Lin smiled warmly and replied: “Actually, it’s not considered expensive because it’s not for sale. There is a Patriarch in the city who was willing to pay a lot of money to buy it, but my Master didn’t agree to sell it.” While he spoke, Fan Lin came to the table and poured a glass of water and brought it to the bedside: “Elder, have a glass of water.”

Upon hearing this, Old Tan was speechless for a while and his heart was in shock. How could Feng Jiu give him such a precious thing to drink? How, how could this be?

The other side, Feng Jiu came to the attic and fell into Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arms: “Although I haven’t been very busy, why do I feel so tired today? I don’t feel like moving at all.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze put his arms around her waist and said in his deep magnetic voice: “Sleep if you are tired. I will be by your side, you can rest assured and sleep! I will carry you back to rest later on.”

As she lay in his arms, Feng Jiu’s eyes closed. The two of them looked a bit squashed as they lay on the soft couch. Most of her body was on top of his body and her lips involuntarily curled up as this gave her a strange feeling.

“Hey, I like sleeping squashed like this.”

She didn’t say that she had meant lying on top of him to sleep. When she thought of this, the corners of her lips curled up into a smile. Such dirty thoughts she had. She would be so embarrassed if he knew what she was thinking of right now!

“If you like sleeping like this, then I will hug you.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said. Although she was sprawled on top of him, all he could think of was the exhaustion that showed between her eyebrows.

She had been busy from last night till now and hadn’t had the chance to rest today. She must be exhausted.

“But I haven’t heard Leng Hua and Du Fan’s report of today’s performance! I also don’t know how many medicinal pills and potions we have sold today” Her eyes closed and she fell asleep as she muttered quietly while she drifted off.

“You can find out tomorrow.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze stroked her head. He touched her silky hair and stroked her hair gently. He felt her breathing lighten and knew that she had fallen asleep. He covered her with the cloak on the side and hugged her quietly.

Leng Hua and Du Fan were about to go inside to report today’s performance. However, when they saw the scene inside through the crack in the door, they looked at each other and stepped back silently.

“Master must be exhausted today. Tell you what! We will give her the performance report tomorrow!” Du Fan said.

“Yes, let Master have a good rest.” Leng Hua nodded in agreement.

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