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Chapter 1983: A Few Identities

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When Fan Lin heard those words, the corners of his mouth twitched. How could the things Master refined not be worth a lot of money? Just any random item was more valuable than most things, let alone the medicines that Master kept with her at all times just in case. How could the value be measured with money?

Who was this old man? Why did Master call him Grandfather Tan? She even used such precious medicinal pills and potions to treat him.

“You refined it?”

Old Tan was startled. He looked at the bottle of potion in surprise, she actually refined this? Although he was unable to tell what grade it was, he knew that it was not any ordinary medicine from the colour of the potion. At least, he had never been exposed to this level of potions before.

“Well, drink it first!” Feng Jiu handed it to him and gestured for him to drink it.

Upon seeing this, Old Tan didn’t say any more and decided to drink the potion first! He was quite seriously injured so how did she rescue him? What did she do to save his life? Why did he feel like his injuries were a lot less severe from the moment he had woken up?

When she saw Old Tan drink the potion, Feng Jiu smiled: “Grandfather Tan, if you need anything just ask him. His name is Fan Lin. He has some knowledge in medicine and he will help you nurse your body back to good health. As for the people you are worrying about, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. They have already been while you were unconscious. You can rest assured and recuperate here.”

“Those people have already been here? Then you…” Old Tan was startled. His gaze fell on Feng Jiu involuntarily but saw that she was not injured.

“I didn’t get hurt. However, those people fled for their lives desperately.” She placed on hand on her chin, her eyes squinted as she smiled, and she said after a pause: “Oh yes, the old man is dead too.”

The old man had been punched by her. The centre of her Flaming Fist not only contained the strength of her fist but also her spiritual energy and the scorching heat of the flame. Therefore, with only one punch, the old man was near death, and in the end, he had died…


Old Tan’s eyes opened wide in shock and disbelief. How did the old man die? He was a peak-stage Immortal Sacred strong exponent, how could she kill such a strong person?

“By the way, are you hungry Grandfather Tan? Tell you what! I will instruct someone to cook some medicinal porridge for you to eat. It can nourish your body and also tastes nice.”

Saying that, she turned and looked at Fan Lin: “Do you know how to adjust the medicine proportions?”

“Rest assured Master. Subordinate has knowledge of medicated food. I will go and have someone prepare it now.” Fan Lin said and retreated.

“Who exactly are you?” Old Tan couldn’t help but asked. He looked at Feng Jiu, his eyes filled with confusion and questioning.

“My name is Feng Jiu! I’m also a woman, what else…” She smiled: “I have quite a few talents and a few identities, I also have quite a lot of subordinates.”

Old Tan’s lips moved but he was speechless. More than that! Didn’t she destroy the Treasure Gathering Building? He was too ignorant before to have not seen such an outrageous ability and actually regarded him as an ordinary young medicine collector.

“Grandfather Tan, have a good rest! I’ll leave first. I will come and visit you again tomorrow.” Feng Jiu said and left the room with Leng Hua. When they came out of the room, they bumped into Fan Lin who was just returning and she instructed him to take good care of him.

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