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Chapter 1981: Not In The Building

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The three of them left through the back door and headed towards the restaurant to eat. As for everyone in Heavenly Pill Tower, they were busy, and everything seemed orderly…

After they had left, Immortal Lord Stillwater came to Heavenly Pill Tower. He could smell the fragrance of the medicines last night and came in search of it this morning. When Feng Jiu was fighting against the peak-stage Immortal Sacred old man earlier, he was watching from not far away.

He would not have believed it had he not seen it with his own eyes that such a young woman would possess such outstanding strength and cultivation base. Although, how could an ordinary woman attract the attention of Xuanyuan Mo Ze!

Upon stepping inside Heavenly Pill Tower, he was even more surprised by the medicinal pills and potions on display inside. He hadn’t expected all medicines to be of such high quality. Those medicinal pills and potions were truly treasures that could save lives in dangerous moments.

The grey-clothed Immortal Lord Sillwater walked inside and gathered up his cultivation. He looked like an ordinary old man, except that unlike an ordinary old man, his hair and beard was all white and he had an immortal-like aura about him.

After he had looked around on the first floor, he went through registration and went up to the second floor. After he had gone up to the second floor, Leng Hua and Du Fan couldn’t help but be surprised when they glanced at the information on the registration sheet.

“Immortal Lord Stillwater? Isn’t he Hell’s Lord’s Master?”

The two of them spoke in lowered voices. They knew of this Immortal Lord Stillwater. He lived in the Ling Manor that was next to the Feng Manor, and he was Hell’s Lord’s Master. Hell’s Lord’s imminent departure this time was because his Master had asked him to accompany him on this trip. Their Master had met Immortal Lord Stillwater but they had never seen him before, so they weren’t sure if it was that person just then.

“Hasn’t Gray Wolf been following him recently? If it is him, then Gray Wolf should be nearby.” Leng Hua said and looked around. She saw a familiar figure sitting in the corner of the first floor resting.


The two of them walked over and came to him. Leng Hua called out: “Gray Wolf, why are you here?”

“I came with the Immortal Lord. He’s gone inside to take a look, so I’m sitting out here resting.” Gray Wolf said weakly: “It is so boring following the Immortal Lord. Why did I get this job?”

Upon hearing this, Du Fan and Leng Hua looked at each other, then asked at the same time: “Do you mean that Immortal Lord Stillwater is the old man in grey clothes? The one with the white hair and white beard?”

“Yes! Why?” Gray Wolf asked. He stood up and asked quietly: “Did he make trouble for you?”

The two of them were a little dumbfounded. Du Fan laughed and asked: “Of course not. We saw him go upstairs earlier and we thought if it really was him then we need to entertain him!” After all, he was Hell’s Lord’s Master, naturally he couldn’t be treated like ordinary people.

“Tell you what! I will go upstairs to take a look.” Leng Hua said softly then turned and walked to the second floor.

Upon seeing this, Gray Wolf approached Du Fan: “Du Fan, is the Ghost Doctor and my Master in the attic? Can I go up?” He had watched from afar with Immortal Lord Stillwater earlier and saw the Ghost Doctor taking action. If he didn’t need to follow Immortal Lord Stillwater, he would have rushed forward.

“It’s pointless for you to go up now, they’re not there anymore.” Du Fan said with a smile and patted his shoulder: “You should do what your Master has ordered you to do and do it obediently.” As soon as he had finished speaking, he turned and left.

Gray Wolf sighed. He thought about it, then walked to the second floor of Heavenly Pill Tower…

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