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Chapter 1980: Entrust Her To You

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At this time, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who had drunk his cup of tea, put the teacup in his hand. His deep gaze fell on Mo Chen’s body and his deep voice followed: “I will be leaving in a few days time. You have to take care of her while I am gone.”

Mo Chen was a little surprised upon hearing this. He looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze strangely: “Where are you going? How long will you be gone?” He felt safe leaving Feng Jiu in his care? Has the sun risen from the west?

Feng Jiu was slightly startled when she heard this. She looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and reached out and held his hand: “Ze, don’t worry! I can take care of myself even if I was here alone. With my strength, plus the people around me and my contract beasts, who do you think can hurt me?

Xuanyuan Mo Ze held her hand but didn’t say a word. He just looked at Mo Chen, as if waiting for a reply.

Upon seeing this, Mo Chen smiled lightly: “Rest assured. Although I don’t know where you are going, it’s no problem however long you want to stay there. I will take care of Ah Jiu and I won’t let her suffer any wrongs.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him faintly when he heard this then picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea and added more tea to Mo Chen’s cup: “If I see that she’s missing even a hair when I return, I will hold you responsible.”

Mo Chen’s eyes flickered and he smiled while looking at the cup of tea in front of him: “Don’t worry, once you leave, I will move over and live with Feng Jiu. Are you rest assured now?”


Feng Jiu, who was drinking tea, choked when she heard those words and coughed slightly. Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was sitting next to her traced her back with his hand as he glared at him sternly and said coldly: “You only need to step up when she needs help. Stay away from her at other times and this monarch will be rest assured.”

When he heard him refer to himself as this monarch, Mo Chen smiled, he was in a good mood: “Rest assured! I know what to do.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at the immortal-like face in front of him and observed his gentle and elegant disposition. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows and wondered whether it was right or wrong to ask him to take care of Ah Jiu. Why did he feel uneasy about leaving this person with her?

Feng Jiu shook her head helplessly as she watched the two of them talking one after the other: “Enough, you don’t have to discuss it anymore. I can look after myself. I’m such a big person, why do I need someone to look after me?”

She looked at Mo Chen and smiled: “He is travelling quite far away, but he may return quite soon. Ever since he decided that he was going away he’s been worried. I’m starting to get a bit suffocated by him.” Although she had said those words, the tenderness between her brows couldn’t be concealed.

Mo Chen looked at her and smiled lightly: “It’s alright, I understand. If I were in his position, I would be the same too.”

He knew why he was uneasy. After all, it was Feng Jiu’s first time over here. Although her strength was good, who was to know if there was someone in this world even stronger than her? He was just worried he wasn’t going to be here if she were to encounter some trouble that she was unable to deal with one day.

The few of them sat in the attic chatting and drinking tea until noon. Then Feng Jiu said to Mo Chen: “Why don’t you dine with us?”

“Alright, but I better leave by the back door.” Mo Chen smiled and said softly.

Feng Jiu was stunned, then she chuckled softly: “No problem.”

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