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Chapter 1970: The enemy came in pursuit

“Mistress, this concealed weapon looks strange. I’ve never seen it before.” He looked at the concealed weapon with surprise in his eyes. Such a tiny concealed weapon couldn’t be found in the wound. Ordinary people would have thought that the weapon was already taken out, thus delaying treatment. Fortunately, this person met his mistress.

When the hidden weapon was taken out, black blood sprayed out from the wound. After cleaning the wound, Feng Jiu pulled out the silver needles. She then stepped back, cleaned her hand, and told Fan Lin, “You can bandage his wound.”

“Yes.” Fan Lin replied. After applying the medicine, he bandaged the wound.

Feng Jiu picked up the concealed weapon and studied it. Her eyes moved slightly. She had never seen such a concealed weapon before. It’s also very deadly. After being poisoned, the injured would fall unconscious. It would be difficult, even for an experienced physician, to find a tiny weapon in the wound. Carelessness would cause the person wounded by this concealed weapon to miss a medical treatment, thus losing his life.

Who on earth would have done this to Old Tan, going so far as to use such strong poison and concealed weapon?

She thought that Old Tan had hidden his cultivation, stayed in a small town doing small business. Why were such calm and stable days suddenly broken?

By reason, it was impossible for the Shadow Night Palace to attack him, so it should have been his enemy.

“Fan Lin, have someone guard and take good care of him.” She took out a bottle of potion and handed it to him. “If he still doesn’t wake up tonight, feed him this potion.”

“Yes, Mistress, don’t worry. I will guard him myself.” Fan Lin nodded in response. After receiving the potion, he put it away.

“Let people pay attention. These two days won’t be peaceful.” She told Leng Hua.

“Yes.” Leng Hua replied and turned around to leave. However, at this moment, an old man’s voice came from outside with strong pressure.

“Hand the man over to us!”

The voice exuded a powerful breath. As soon as the voice rang out, the mighty pressure shook the people inside the Heavenly Pill Tower and caused pain to their eardrums. The vital energy and blood in the body surged up. The sense of terror that their bodies were about to burst made everyone frightened. They rushed outside the Heavenly Pill Tower and quickly dispersed, not daring to approach the building.

“This is definitely not a Celestial Strong Exponent! This should be a Strong Exponent at the Immortal Sacred rank!”

“Yes, such pressure, such debilitating fear, only Immortal Sacred Strong Exponents can do it!”

“Didn’t I say that the old man carried into the rear courtyard earlier wasn’t from our Hundred Rivers City? That old man is trouble. Look, is it possible that he provoked the enemy who in turn pursued and killed him? It’s the Heavenly Pill Tower’s opening day, this will definitely get them into trouble.”

“Immortal Sacred Strong Exponents. Only the clans’ ancestors in the city have that kind of strength. The Heavenly Pill Tower provoked such a person. I’m afraid they’re in trouble now.”

“Not necessarily. Reportedly, the Heavenly Pill Tower also has a strong force behind them. This backer was very amazing. When that voice spoke, its mighty pressure came straight down and made the Alchemy Guild’s President fall on his knees. That man was surely an Immortal Sacred Strong Exponent.”

“It’s possible, but is the Master of the Heavenly Pill Tower actually the man speaking or the woman?”

The people who ran away from the building were discussing. After they were a certain distance away, they no longer felt that pressure.

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