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Chapter 1967: The unconscious old man

Even if they kept looking, they wouldn’t be able to purchase the medicinal pill and would be unable to endure the itching in their hearts. What a pity! Since the pills on the second floor couldn’t be bought with money, they’d better go to the first floor and get another look. Perhaps, they would be able to buy one or two.

Meanwhile, on the ground floor, people were whispering in a circle. In the middle of the crowd, an old man was lying motionless on the ground. His face was purplish-black while both his lips and the area under his eyes were startlingly purple. He seemed to have been poisoned.

“This man looks unfamiliar. He shouldn’t be from the Hundred Rivers City! Why did he just barge in from outside?”

“This man’s cultivation turns out to be at the Celestial Peak. He’s not weak. He can be considered a figure even among the influential clans in our city.

“He’s wounded. Look, there’s a trace of blood on his chest! The blood has turned black. It seems that he’s poisoned.”

“So, this person should not have been brought to the Heavenly Pill Tower by another pill pavilion in the city? ”

“It doesn’t look like it. However, this man didn’t go to other places but broke his way in with injuries. Many people were shocked to see a man barging in from outside just now. Who would have thought that he collapsed before even taking a few steps?”

Fan Lin, surrounded by the crowd, took the old man’s pulse and told Du Fan who stood next to him. “His poison is highly toxic. The poison entered his veins and his five viscera has been ravaged and completely damaged. Only a breath remains.”

Du Fan nodded. Seeing Leng Hua coming, he whispered to him, and then called out. “Come, take the man to the rear courtyard.”

The crowd was astonished to hear this. Taking the man to the rear courtyard? Would the Heavenly Pill Tower’s staff take the man there for treatment? Just when they were all wondering, they heard a voice.

“Wait a moment!”

The Alchemy Guild’s Vice President walked down from the second floor and looked at Du Fan and Leng Hua with a sneer. “Don’t you, Heavenly Pill Tower, claimed that your medicinal pills are heavenly pills? It is said that your building master has medical skills that can bring the dead back to life. It so happens that we have a poisoned and injured man here. Why not ask your master to treat this person, so that we all can learn from your master’s medical skills?”

When everyone heard this, their facial expressions changed. This person looked like he only had one breath left. Asking the Heavenly Pill Tower to treat this man? If he’s dead, wouldn’t this…

Meanwhile, on the pavilion’s third floor, Feng Jiu was taking a nap on a soft couch. She had no idea what was going on below, because Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was sitting next to her, had laid a sound barrier here in order to let her have a good sleep. So, both of them had no inkling whatsoever about what happened on the first floor.

When Leng Hua knocked on the door, Feng Jiu woke up lazily.

“Are you awake?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked, looking at her sleepy face.

“Mm, I heard a knock at the door.” Feng Jiu rubbed her eyes. After looking at Xuanyuan Mo Ze, she moved her sight towards Leng Hua who stood by.

“Mistress, at the first floor…” Leng Hua briefly talked about the matters on the first floor, including the Vice President’s nitpicking the matter.

After hearing this, Feng Jiu’s lips curved up in a smile. “It’s just a Vice President. You don’t have to pay attention to him.”

While saying this, she sat up straight and released her divine consciousness to the first floor. When she saw the unconscious old man, her eyes shrank and she stood up abruptly.

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