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Chapter 1964: The Mysterious Master

“Exactly.” Leng Hua answered. He didn’t give any more explanation and just let them take a look by themselves.

The Alchemy Guild’s President smelled the medicinal fragrance and looked at the fist-sized pill with a look of exultation. “It should be a medicinal pill refined from hundreds of precious spirit flowers. Judging from its colour and fragrance, this pill is definitely a treasure!”

Leng Hua stood aside without speaking. These people are from the Alchemy Guild, so naturally they could distinguish what kind of pill it was.

“This, Steward Leng, I’d like this Breakthrough Pill.” An alchemist pointed to the medicinal pill on the counter in the corner.

Leng Hua glanced at the pill and smiled. “The Breakthrough Pill has been sold out.” Not only this one, most of the pills on the first floor had already been reserved by other customers.

“You’re welcome to go to the second floor. There are not many pills on that floor, but every one of them is absolutely a treasure.” Leng Hua made a gesture to several people, asking them to go up to the second floor.

Seeing this, the President nodded and said with a smile, “Alright, let’s go up to the second floor and have a look at the Heavenly Pill Tower’s precious pills.” And as he went up, he saw some of the other visitors who were no strangers to him standing near the staircase.

“So, the Patriarchs are also here?” He greeted them with a smile.

“Haha, President Fan, long time no see.” Several of the Patriarchs smiled and clasped their fists in greeting. “We’re about to go to the second floor. Since President Fan is here, please join us!”

“After you.” President Fan said with a hand gesture towards them.

They didn’t refuse. After they walked to the second floor, the people from the Alchemy Guild also followed.

Seeing them going to the second floor, a man wanted to go up to the second floor to have a look. However, when he got to the stairs, he was stopped: “There are rules to go up to the second floor. This guest can look it up first.”

The man took a glance at the man stopping him and then looked at the wooden sign hung on the side. After reading what’s written on it, he retreated with his face flushed.

Someone curiously leaned forward to have a look and saw that it was written above that in addition to having a certain amount of gold coins, they must also have status, and be obligated to register their information in the Heavenly Pill Tower’s registry.

“It’s normal. Those without that much money won’t be able to purchase the elixirs even if they go upstairs.”

“Yes, the medicinal pills on the first floor are already high-priced, let alone those on the second floor.”

“But, I think the second floor will certainly have a lot of life-saving medicinal pills. Even if the price is exorbitant, at least it will give a person hope and expectation. I think it is very good.”

“That’s correct. I heard that the master of the Heavenly Pill Tower has the medical skill of bringing the dead back to life!”

“Speaking of it, the Heavenly Pill Tower opened today, but we didn’t see the Master. I wonder what kind of person that is?”

“He should be an elderly gentleman. I heard that these medicinal pills were personally refined by the Heavenly Pill Tower’s Master. Seeing from his alchemy skills, he must be an experienced old man.”

“I think so, too. He must be a sage-like old man.”

The people around him whispered again. At this time, there were a dozen to twenty people viewing the second floor. Even though not many people were upstairs, each of them was a person of status and power. But, these people could only gasp in shock when they saw the pills and potions on display.

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