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Chapter 1961: Make an Exception

“Brother Leng Hua!”

Yang Xiao Er released her father’s hand and ran to Leng Hua quickly. “My father and I are here. Business on opening day looks great! Is there anything I can do to help?”

Leng Hua smiled, nodded to her and answered, “Miss Xiao Er is our guest today. How can I ask you for help?” After a brief pause, he turned slightly aside and invited them in. “Patriarch Yang, Miss Xiao Er, please come in.”

Patriarch Yang nodded and walked inside without saying anything. Although nothing was shown on his face, he was actually very curious. What did it look like inside? What kind of medicinal pills were there?

Filled with curiosity, he walked inside accompanied by his daughter. When he entered the building, he was surprised to see a throng of guests inside.

He didn’t expect that in addition to so many people watching outside, there was still a multitude of people in the building. Although it was a crowd, they didn’t make noise. Instead, they kept their voices down and spoke in whispers. He noticed that some old men of the city’s clans were also coming. They stood in small groups around a counter talking.

He walked over to them and leaned forward to take a look. Wide-eyed, he exhaled softly. “Fourth-grade Breakthrough Pill! Its colour and lustre are absolutely the best!”

As he murmured, he pushed those clans’ people aside and squeezed forward to have a closer look. He looked very excited. “There can be no mistake, it is the fourth-grade Breakthrough Pill! This precious and rare medicinal pill is put in this corner, really, really..”.

He couldn’t come up with the right words, his face looked very moved and agitated. He turned back to Leng Hua, who was walking slowly, and said, “I’ll take this pill! Wrap it up for me.”

The clans’ patriarchs and the elders next to him looked at each other and then laughed. One of them patted Patriarch Yang on the shoulder. “Brother Yang, don’t get too agitated. This Breakthrough Pill has all been snapped up. We just asked, it’s already gone.”

“That’s right. We came before you and didn’t get a single one. You’re so slow that you’ve only come here now.” Another old man next to him cued in while stroking his beard, his earlier indignant mood was now stabilized.

“Yes! The Heavenly Pill Tower only has a limited supply of medicinal pills per day. This fourth-grade Breakthrough Pill is already bought by others. Alas! Old Yang, seeing that you can’t buy it either, I feel much better.”

Seeing them commenting one by one, Patriarch Yang glared. “You old things are all nutcases! Bad attitude! Still unhinged! Hmph!”

He turned towards the slowly walking Leng Hua. With a smile on his face, he came over. “Leng Hua! Do you still have the Breakthrough Pill? Can you tell your Master to sell me one?”

Leng Hua gave him a gentle smile. “Since Patriarch Yang said so, I’ll tell him about it. For the sake of Miss Xiao Er, as well as Patriarch Yang’s selling this building to us heartily, I believe that my master will make an exception for you.”

Leng Hua’s unhurried answer made Patriarch Yang bursting with joy. His impression of Leng Hua suddenly increased by leaps and bounds. He was so happy, feeling that his prestige in front of several old friends had increased a lot.

“In that case, I would like to thank you in advance.” Patriarch Yang smiled and thanked him.

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