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Chapter 1960: The Unique Fragrance Pill

Leng Hua glanced at him faintly and answered him with a slow voice. “We, the Heavenly Pill Tower, attach the utmost importance to our medicinal pills and elixirs. You can take our goods anywhere you wish to get them verified and absolutely no one will question it as you did just now. If you want to continue seeing other pills in our building, please keep your voice down so as not to affect other people.”

“Take a look, there are medicinal pills displayed here. No matter in terms of colour or texture, everything here is definitely good things rarely found outside. ”

The voice called everyone’s attention. A crowd of people rushed toward the speaker, looking at the medicinal pill placed on the counter.

“Look, there are other medicinal pills displayed here. It also has the pill mark on top, a fourth-grade medicinal pill!” An exclamation came and the crowd also rushed there. Someone hurried over to the front and said, “I want this fourth-grade pill! I want it! Register for me first!”

“Look! The potions are here! What a beautiful potion. The bottle is transparent and the potion is glowing. It’s incredible!”

“Hiss! This potion’s grade is…it can’t be! This kind of potion is classified as ordinary by the Heavenly Pill Tower?”

Although everyone lowered their voices, surprised exclamations were still heard from time to time. Even the few who had seen the big scenes were just like a country bumpkin upon entering the city upon seeing the goods inside. Whatever they saw was strange and new.

“Quick, take a look! This is the pill that gives off a distinct and unique fragrance. It’s as big as a fist. I’ve never seen such a big pill before. How did the Heavenly Pill Tower refine it? No one can swallow such a big pill!”

Du Fan stepped out of the crowd and stood in front of the fist-sized pill. He explained, “Guests, this is the Unique Fragrance Pill. My Master used hundreds of precious spirit flowers to refine this pill. One pill of our Unique Fragrance Pill is not for one serving but can be spread into many portions. By taking a nail-sized piece of this Unique Fragrance Pill, it will automatically transform into one’s body fragrance. It is very suitable for women.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “This Unique Fragrance Pill is beneficial to refresh and invigorate one’s vital energy and spirit. For those who are cultivators, their cultivation speed will also increase and poisons such as snakes and insects will automatically retreat away from this strange fragrance and dare not come near.”

When they heard Du Fan’s explanation, the crowd marvelled. “I had no idea that such a medication pill exists!”

“Yes! Just by taking a nail-sized piece, you can get such a great effect? And poisons like snakes and insects dare not come near you? If you take such a medicinal pill with you, won’t you be able to protect yourself in places where there are many poisonous creatures as you travelled outside during a practical experience?”

Everyone was talking in amazement. Someone’s heart stirred when he heard this and asked, “How can we buy this Unique Fragrance Pill?”

Du Fan smiled. “Go over there and register. We will have a specialist to verify the pill and hand it over to you.”

Hearing this, people who wanted to purchase the pill all flocked to the medicine maid on the other side to register.

Outside the Heavenly Pill Tower, Patriarch Yang and Yang Xiao Er who had just arrived, got out of the carriage and were surprised by the scene.

“Wow! There are so many people. How lively! I guess nowhere in the city can compare with the Heavenly Pill Tower’s business today!” Yang Xiao Er said excitedly. She turned around and pulled her father’s sleeve. “Father, you see, business is good.”

“Ahem!” Patriarch Yang coughed softly, looking towards the young man who just came out.

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