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Chapter 1948: Bought

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When those people heard this, they were stunned. They looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu, and then at the man in brocaded robes in front of them.

He was on his family’s property and yet was being told that it belonged to someone else. The man in the brocaded robes blushed when he heard this and said angrily: “What are you talking about? This place belongs to my family! I…”

Before he was able to finish speaking, the girl in red took out the title deed and spread it out in front of him: “Look, this place belongs to us now. We just bought it. You can go home and ask your Father. Don’t come back here in the future.”

She had intended to tell Du Fan to set up an array over here to make this into a private place. When they’re bored in the future, they could come over and enjoy the scenery by the lake.

When he saw the familiar title deed, the man in brocaded robes was speechless. He was not an impulsive person after all. Having seen the title deed and judging from the extraordinary bearing of these two people, he didn’t engage further. Instead, he muttered a few words to the people behind him and left hurriedly.

He had to go home and ask his father what the hell was going on. Why had their property suddenly been sold to those two people?

As she watched them leave, Feng Jiu looked at Shadow One and asked with a smile: “How did you buy this place?”

“This whole area in the city originally belonged to the Zhang Family. The Zhang Family is a wealthy household in the city and they don’t lack money. After subordinate enquired about it, I learned that the Patriarch was seriously injured a few years ago. He searched all over but no doctor has been able to heal him. Therefore, subordinate gave him a fifth grade internal alchemy pill in exchange for this place.”

Feng Jiu chuckled lightly when she heard this: “I see.”

She looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze: “You’re right. Money might not be able to buy you what you want in this world. However, it’s not the same with elixir pills. No matter how strong a person is, he still cherishes his life over anything else.”

She took his hand and said with a smile: “Let’s go! We will go to Heavenly Pill Tower and tell Du Fan to come here to set up an array.”

“Alright.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze responded and left with her.

Behind them, when Shadow One saw the two of them walking forwards, he took out his still steaming hot fish and finished it in two, three mouthfuls. He couldn’t help but say: “If Gray Wolf knew, he would surely regret not coming along.”

In front of Heavenly Pill Tower, when Du Fan and Leng Shuang saw the two of them walking over again, they asked: “Master, did something happen?” Why did they come back here again?

“Yes, I have something for you to handle.” Feng Jiu smiled at him and told him about the area at Greenwaves Lake: “Haven’t you been studying and practising arrays? That’s just right then, I will leave this matter to you.”

Du Fan’s eyes lit up: “No problem, don’t worry Master! I will not let Master down!”

After giving the orders, they returned to Feng Mansion. Not long after they had sat down, Gray Wolf came over.

“Master.” Gray Wolf called out and said: “Immortal Lord Stillwater has been asking about Master today. He said when Master returns he should go and see him.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu said: “Ze, shall I come along with you? It has been a few days since your Master has arrived, I still haven’t met him yet!”

She paused and looked at him, then asked: “But, why has your Master come to see you? Are you hiding something from me?” It stood to reason that something was wrong, but he hadn’t said anything these few days. Did he not want her to worry?

He held her hands when he heard this and said slowly: “He came to look for me because he has a matter he wants my help with but I am still thinking about it.

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