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Chapter 1944: How To Attract

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If she fancied a son from an influential family, or even this young man’s Master, that would be fine. But she fancied a servant, how could he be happy about that?

“Brother Leng Hua, I will see you out.” Yang Xiao Er called out in a hurry and followed him.

When they came to the entrance of the Mansion, Yang Xiao Er looked at him apologetically: “Brother Leng Hua, don’t be angry with my father. He is actually a really nice person but I’m not sure what’s happened to him in the last couple of days, he seems to be in a bad mood.”

Upon hearing this, Leng Hua laughed: “It’s alright. Patriarch Yang sold us the building so readily and at the normal market price, it shows that he is an upright person with principles.”

Yang Xiao Er was relieved when she saw that he wasn’t unhappy: “Brother Leng Hua, I’m glad that you’re not unhappy. Tell Sister Feng that I will come and look for her tomorrow to play.”

“Sure, I’ll leave first then. Go on back!” Leng Hua said then turned and left.

On the other side, after Feng Jiu, Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Leng Shuang had finished shopping, they returned to the Feng Mansion. It was evening by the time they had arrived, and Leng Hua had already returned ages ago.

“Master, this is the title deed to the building.” Leng Hua handed the title deed to Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu took a look at the title deed, then handed it back to him: “You can keep hold of it. Tomorrow I will draw up the designs and you can find someone to start on the renovations as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Leng Hua responded and kept the title deed.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze had returned to the Ling Mansion, and on this night Feng Jiu started drawing a design for the building. At dawn the next day, she passed the design drawings over to Leng Hua and ordered for renovation works to be started.

Over the next few days, Feng Jiu and Leng Hua were busy all day long. Feng Jiu had asked Leng Hua to gather various elixir medicines while she prepared medicines. Xuanyuan Mo Ze wasn’t around much in the Ling Mansion either. He was by Feng Jiu’s side as she prepared medicines in the courtyard. He sat next to her quietly as she worked and when she went out, he would accompany her.

As he hadn’t seen Xuanyuan Mo Ze for a few days in the Ling Mansion, Immortal Lord Stillwater was feeling anxious. He looked at Gray Wolf who wasn’t standing too far away from him and asked: “How come I’ve not seen your Master these few days? What is he busy with?”

“Forgive me Immortal Lord, if our Master hasn’t told us anything, we subordinates don’t ask questions.” Gray Wolf lowered his head as he replied but didn’t tell him that his Master was busy following the Ghost Doctor around the past few days!

Immortal Lord Stillwater glanced at him and frowned: “When your Master returns, inform me.” Saying that, he turned and returned to his own courtyard.

On the other side, Feng Jiu was putting the prepared medicine into space. She exhaled lightly: “After a few days of work, I finally got some results. These things are nearly ready. I wonder how the renovations are coming along?”

“It’s noon, why don’t we go out for lunch and then stop by to take a look after we have eaten?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood up and extended his hand to her.

“Alright, let’s go out to eat.” She responded and walked out with him.

She wasn’t the only busy person these few days. The eight Feng Guards were also busy expanding their influence through the surrounding towns. Du Fan and Leng Hua were busy with the renovation works while Leng Shuang was looking after the matters within the Mansion. Over the past few days, all the things that needed to be done were taken care of. Now all that was left was to wait for the renovations to be complete and the grand opening of their shop would not be far away.

As the two of them walked out, Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked: “That place is so remote, how will you attract customers to the shop? How will people know when the opening day is?”

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