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Chapter 1942: Why Is It You Again

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“The shops on these two streets are owned by my family. However, another family who hasn’t seen eye to eye with my family got into a fight with us and the street ahead has been blocked by them. You have to take a long detour to come to these two streets and many people were unwilling to come, so the businesses here couldn’t carry on. That’s why the shops my family own have been empty ever since.”

Yang Xiao Er explained. She then said quickly: “Sister Feng, this building is pretty good, and the back looks onto Greenwaves Lake, the scenery is beautiful.”

“Can we go in and take a look?” Feng Jiu asked as she looked at the building.

“Of course! My family looks after this place anyway. Let me take you inside.” She said with a smile. She stepped forward and walked inside. Not long after, an old man appeared behind her.

“Sister Feng, come in quickly.” Yang Xiao Er stood there and waved her hands. The old man next to her stood respectfully and sized Feng Jiu up discreetly.

“Uncle Yang, I will take them inside, so you can continue with your work!” Yang Xiao Er said to the old man.

“Yes, Second Young Miss.” The old man responded and bowed to Feng Jiu before he retreated.

“Look Sister Feng, this is the first floor, it’s very spacious and there is also a front yard and backyard. The backyard is very large and is separated too. Go upstairs first to take a look and I will show you around the back yard later.” Yang Xiao Er said and led them to the second floor, then the third floor and finally, the attic.

Feng Jiu who had seen the building from the outside had thought that it was a good building. Now that she had seen the inside of the building, she was even more satisfied: “This place is not bad right?” She asked Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was beside her.

“Mmm, it’s not bad.” He replied. He looked at Greenwaves Lake behind and when he saw the charming view, he felt that it was indeed a good place.

Feng Jiu smiled after she heard this and looked at Greenwaves Lake. Finally, she went downstairs to look at the back yard and then decided: “This is the place!”

She looked at Yang Xiao Er: “Xiao Er, I want to buy this place. I will send Leng Hua to go back with you to discuss the details with your father later.”

Yang Xiao Er was taken aback and asked in shock: “Sister Feng, you really want to buy this place?”


“But, although this place is quite good, I’m afraid that your business will go bankrupt if you open your business here!” She said with some worry.

Feng Jiu chuckled lightly when she heard this: “Why? My business has never gone bankrupt before! Don’t worry, it will be fine. I really like this place.”

She looked at Leng Hua and said: “Go back to the Yang Mansion with her and complete the formalities.”

“Yes.” Leng Hua replied and said to Yang Xiao Er: “Second Young Miss Yang, shall we go now?”

“So soon?” Yang Xiao Er was startled. She hesitated and then asked: “Sister Feng, don’t you want to think about this a little longer?”

“No need.” She smiled and shook her head: “This is the place. Once the formalities have been taken care of, I can get people to make changes right away.”

As such, Yang Xiao Er could only take Leng Hua home with her.

“Let’s go and buy some things!” Feng Jiu said with a smile and squinted: “Now that we have decided on the place, we can start preparing.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s lips twitched, he took her hand and walked out with her. He had never questioned any of her decisions. Since she said this place was good, then it must be good. Even if the place wasn’t good, she must have some plan for it.

Noon, at the Yang Family Manor…

Patriarch Yang stared at the young man. He frowned and asked: “Why is it you again?”

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