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Chapter 1941: Location

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“Miss, we better go home to apply some medicine, your eyes…” The servant girl lowered her head, not daring to look up.

The magnificently dressed girl bit her lip and looked in the direction of the people that were leaving. She stomped her feet and turned and left with her eye covered.

On the other side, Feng Jiu and the others found a private deluxe room in a teahouse and sat down to rest. Yang Xiao Er had tidied up her hair and clothes in the inner suite and walked out soon after.

“Sister Feng, I am ready.” Yang Xiao Er walked out, her head slightly lowered.

Feng Jiu looked over and saw that she had braided her hair into two simple plaits. Although the hairstyle was simple, it was also very cute. She nodded and praised her: “It looks very nice.”

Yang Xiao Er lowered her head and whispered: “But other than my father, no one has ever said I look nice. Everyone only ever calls me fat and scolds me.”

“Your facial features are very exquisite, you may be chubby but you are also cute. If you can lose some weight, you will no doubt be very beautiful.” Feng Jiu said with a smile as she rested her chin on one hand. She glanced at Leng Hua and asked with a smile: “Leng Hua, don’t you agree?”

Leng Hua was startled. He smiled and nodded: “Yes, Miss Xiao Er is very cute.”

Yang Xiao Er was a little embarrassed and excited at the same time, and her cheeks blushed red when she heard those words. Though she wasn’t sure what was going through her head, she instinctively said: “Brother Leng Hua is also very good looking.”

Leng Hua smiled gently and stood quietly at the side.

“Xiao Er, come over and have a cup of tea!” Feng Jiu gestured with a smile for her to take the seat opposite her.

Yang Xiao Er glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was sitting beside Feng Jiu before she sat down politely at the table. She picked up the cup of tea and drank some.

The few of them stayed in the teahouse for a while before they got up and left and followed the directions to the place Yang Xiao Er mentioned.

“Sister Feng, this is where the West Market in the city is located. Although there are people here, not as many as before. But let me tell you, the location of my house is the best in the city.” She walked briskly ahead and introduced Feng Jiu and the others to the places around them.

She pointed to the highest building in front of them and said: “Sister Feng, look, that’s it over there.”

Feng Jiu and the others looked forward and saw a three and a half storey penthouse. If one were to stand on the second storey of the penthouse, they would be able to see all their surroundings.

As they continued to walk ahead, although the penthouse was only up ahead, it took longer than they had anticipated to reach it. Feng Jiu was a little surprised when they arrived, and after looking around for a bit, her eyes finally landed on the penthouse.


Yang Xiao Er smiled wryly: “Actually, actually our building is a pretty good place, it’s that…” Her voice became quieter as she became a little embarrassed.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced briefly at the penthouse. The three and a half storey building did look quite good on the outside, however, the area was far too remote.

This area wasn’t above the market but was further inside. The pavements to the left, right and front of the building were empty. Other than them, no one else was standing on the pavements.

“There is no one walking around there, there isn’t even a street vendor. Master, is this place too remote?” Leng Hua looked at Feng Jiu and asked.

“Yes, it is a little bit too remote.” Feng Jiu nodded. She looked at Yang Xiao Er and asked: “These are streets too! Why are these shops vacant? Have they not been rented out?”

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