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Chapter 1939: How dare you hit me

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Feng Jiu, who was currently talking to Xuanyuan Mo Ze, heard Yang Xiao Er and looked towards the place she pointed at. She shook her head after just a glance. “It’s not good.”

This shop had three floors. But, the shop was located at the street corner. The store facade wasn’t right, not the one that she wanted.

“If that’s the case, let’s look again! There are also some at the front, but not a three-storey building. It’s a bustling part of the city, the three or four-storey buildings here are the properties of the city’s large influential clans. They won’t sell or rent them out.”

Feng Jiu nodded. She walked with her and looked at all the storefronts in this bustling area. Although there were a few suitable ones, just as Xiao Er said, those were the properties of the large influential families and couldn’t be transferred to others.

“You don’t have to pick one in the bustling area.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said. He said slowly while looking at Feng Jiu. “With your strength, even in the corner, people will still come to your door.”

Feng Jiu smiled faintly. “Mm, I think so, too. Since I can’t find it in this area, I’ll look elsewhere.”

Hearing their conversation, Yang Xiao Er turned her eyes. “Sister Feng, why don’t we do this! I’ll take you to my family’s building. I think that place is pretty good even if it’s not in a prosperous area with fewer people. If you like it, talk to my father. He’s very easy to talk to.”

“Fatty Yang? Do you still have the face to go outside?”

The few people who were talking suddenly heard a delicate yet domineering voice. When they raised their eyes, they saw a woman in a magnificent dress accompanied by two servant girls coming towards them. She looked at Yang Xiao Er with contempt.

Yang Xiao Er rolled her eyes when she heard the familiar voice. “Sister Feng, let’s go.” She didn’t care about Jin Kongque.

“Fatty Yang. I heard that Young Master Ruan escaped from marriage? You’re so fat and so ugly, who would dare to marry you!” The splendidly dressed woman held a small exquisite fan in her hand and gently fanned herself while not forgetting to taunt her.

Feng Jiu and others stood still, neither interrupting nor interfering. They just watched quietly.

Yang Xiao Er originally didn’t want to argue with her. Jin Kongque humiliated her in front of Brother Leng Hua that she liked, so she was resentful. She’s indeed chubby, but she’s not ugly!

Because of the shame, due to her straightforward character, she turned her head and swung her fist. Because that magnificently dressed woman walked close behind, this unexpected blow made the woman cry out in surprise. However, it was too late for her to dodge.


“Hiss, ah!”

“Young Miss!”

At that moment, a loud bang, as well as the sharp and mournful screams and the surprised cries of the two servant girls were heard. This unexpected scene not only surprised the magnificently dressed woman. Even Feng Jiu and several others were slightly stunned.

“Jin Kongque, you dare to call me ugly! See if I don’t beat you up until you look like an ugly monster!”

Yang Xiao Er stared angrily with her round eyes. Her hands stroked her sleeves, watching the girl’s eyes were swollen and about to rush forward again. This time, the two servant girls stepped forward, one to block her and the other one to pull their young miss back.

“Fatty Yang! You fatso! How dare you hit me!” The splendidly dressed woman covered her swollen and bruised eyes with one hand and pointed to Yang Xiao Er, scolding angrily.

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