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Chapter 1937: Coming to invite

Immortal Lord Stillwater didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s straightforward question. His expression was still natural as if he had been used to such indifferent Xuanyuan Mo Ze. After all, when he met him in his childhood, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was indeed cold and indifferent.

So, his reply was also blunt. “I want to take a trip abroad. I hope you can accompany me.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flashed slightly. “Is there no other candidate? I’ve been busy lately, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get away and accompany you. ” Rather than going abroad, he would rather stay with Feng Jiu to help her get a firm foothold here.

“It’s not that there are no other candidates. It’s just that no one is more suitable than you.” Immortal Lord Stillwater looked at him and said solemnly. “The most important part of this trip requires your power and your Xuanyuan sword, so it won’t be possible without you. It’s for this reason that I’m here to invite you to join this trip.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned. Without speaking, he was deep in thought.

Seeing this, Immortal Lord Stillwater asked, “What business do you have here? I can ask others to handle it on your behalf.”

“How long will it take?” He raised his eyes and asked.

“It’s hard to tell.” Immortal Lord Stillwater shook his head. Estimating the time was difficult.

“I need some time to think it over.” He answered. He stood up and told Immortal Lord Stillwater. “Master, please stay here for a few days first. I will give you a reply whether I’m going or not in a few days.”

Immortal Lord Stillwater sighed to hear this answer, knowing that he didn’t want to go with him right now. After all, he also knew that although he called him his Master, the two of them spent too little time together. The time given to teaching him was also short. In addition, they hadn’t seen each other for so many years. It was indeed difficult to put forward such a request at their first meeting.

Immortal Lord Stillwater stood up. “Alright, then! I hope you’ll think about it well. If you have any concerns here, tell me. I can let others handle the matter for you so that you have no worries about anything.”

“Gray Wolf, take Immortal Lord to rest in the rear courtyard.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze called out.

“Yes.” Gray Wolf walked in and gave him a gesture of invitation. “Immortal Lord, please come this way.”

After he left, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood for a while with his hands clasped behind his back. After that, he stepped towards the door connecting the two residences. Arriving at the Feng Residence’s rear courtyard where Feng Jiu’s courtyard was, he pushed the door open and walked in.

When he came in, the person lying on the bed was already asleep. He took off his outer coat and lied down on the edge of the bed. He stretched out his arm and took her into his embrace.

“You’re back?” Feng Jiu asked without opening her eyes.

“Mm.” He answered, smelling the fragrance of her hair.

“What does your master want you to do? Why are you back so soon, you don’t need to accompany him?” Feng Jiu drilled into his arms, wrapped her arms around his waist, and put one leg on top of his.

He hugged her gently. “It’s all right. I’ll let him rest first. Gray Wolf is taking care of him there. Go to sleep!” He patted her gently and felt the happiness and serenity of his beloved lying in his arms.

Hearing that there’s nothing wrong, Feng Jiu didn’t ask anymore. She just murmured, “Tomorrow I’m going to the city to see if there’s a suitable storefront. Come with me!”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Go shopping with me, too.”


He answered slowly, sensing that the person in his embrace had fallen asleep, his lips curved up. His dark pupils were overflowing with adoration.

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