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Chapter 1928: The two adjacent residences

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Feng Jiu now understood after hearing his answer that the house was exchanged with medicinal pills. That’s normal. After all, in this place, those with money couldn’t necessarily buy whatever they wanted, but, medicinal pills were different.

“Let’s go! Return to our home.” With a faint smile, she pulled his hand and walked away.

Not long after, what she saw was two adjacent residences, which were connected together and occupied a large area. The Feng Residence was inscribed on one of the houses, while the other house bore the name Ling Residence.

“Ling Residence?” Feng Jiu was surprised. She didn’t expect him to set up a residence here using the name Ling Mohan.

“It’s just a name, more or less. Let’s go!” He took her to the Feng Residence.

Du Fan and a few others went ahead to open the door. As soon as they entered the house, Feng Jiu saw that the arrays had been set up inside the mansion. It was Du Fan’s handiwork. She nodded inwardly as she examined the arrays. After not seeing him for a long time, it seemed that Du Fan had made strides in his arrays.

Yang Xiao Er, who tagged along behind them, did not see it. While walking with them, she looked at the gentle young man from time to time. The more she looked, the more she thought him good-looking.

“Subordinates have seen Mistress.”

The sudden greetings made Yang Xiao Er come to her senses. She looked ahead and saw eight handsome men stood in front of them and saluted Feng Jiu. Looking at the outstanding features of the eight men, she thought with a blank look on her face, So many attractive and handsome guys here!

“Let’s talk inside!” Feng Jiu gestured to them. After they’re inside, she stopped and glanced at Yang Xiao Er who kept looking at Leng Hua and smiled.


“Ah?” Yang Xiao Er slowly came to her senses and looked at Feng Jiu. “What’s the matter?”

The Feng Guards looked at the chubby girl and thought, When did Mistress bring such chubby girl home?

“Which one of them do you think is the most handsome?” She looked at her with a playful smile.

Yang Xiao Er, a little embarrassed, glanced at them. She dropped her head and played with her fingers, while whispering her answer. “All, all of them are very handsome.” At least, the people here were better looking than the pretty boys she had seen before.

“I see!” Feng Jiu’s eyes moved. She asked another question with a smile, “Then, pick one of them to give you a tour around the house. Who do you think is the best to accompany you?”

Hearing this, the eight Feng Guards were stunned. What does this mean?

“This, this..” Yang Xiao Er struggled a bit. After glancing over the crowd, she took a small step to Leng Hua’s side. “Him.”

Leng Hua still had a gentle look on his face, but his eyes flashed with astonishment. Then, he answered with a smile. “Alright, Mistress, I’ll show Miss Yang around the house and ask the kitchen to prepare some food.”

With this, he told Yang Xiao Er, “Miss Yang, please come this way.”

Yang Xiao Er, feeling both happy and shy, whispered. “You can call me Xiao Er. Don’t call me Miss Yang, this regards me as an outsider.”

When the people behind heard this, they had an odd expression on their faces, especially the eight Feng Guards, who looked at Leng Hua and Yang Xiao Er strangely. They could still hear the voices of the two faintly.

“Is that so? Alright! Miss Xiao Er, are you hungry? What about going to the kitchen with me to get some snacks, then taking a stroll in the garden?”

Having watched the two of them drifting away and their voices died down, they all sat down inside.

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