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Chapter 1915: A Little Brother Had Fallen Down From Heaven

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At a town located outside the town where the Nalan Family lived, nearly a hundred people from two family clans were arguing.

“We agreed that the bride would be picked up today and now look at what’s happened? Where is the groom? The groom has run off and you sent this person to pick up the bride instead. Do you people from the Yang Family think that us Ruan Family will marry anyone? If you don’t give us an explanation today we will not let the matter rest!”

A middle-aged man in charge said angrily. A good marriage like this had just been blown up, and they had the audacity to bring a nobody to fool them. How detestable!

“Brother Yang, Brother Yang, don’t be angry, let’s talk about this calmly!” The Ruan Family Head wiped the sweat off his forehead and said with a look of shame on his face: “I really didn’t know that my rebellious son had run away from his wedding and had called upon a younger brother from the clan to take his place. This is my oversight, it is my fault, please accept my apology.”

Ruan Family Head said apologetically and bowed to the man standing in front of him: “Brother Yang, we can’t discuss this matter out here in the open either. There are so many people passing through outside the city, it will ruin Young Second Missy’s reputation, don’t you think? Let’s go back to the mansion to talk about it some more!”

“Hmph! Now you want to talk about it some more? You Ruan Family are too…” While he was talking, he suddenly heard a loud exclamation. When they realised that the sound came from above their heads, everyone instinctively looked up.


Feng Jiu exclaimed loudly as she lost balance and fell from mid-air. Before she could stabilize her body, she fell into the sedan chair.


After the sound of the heavy fall, only a could of muffled groans could be heard. Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the sedan chair that had been smashed through from its roof. It took quite a while before any of them recovered from their shock.

“Little Two!”

Father Yang came to his senses abruptly and exclaimed. He squeezed past everyone and walked hurriedly over towards the sedan chair. When he lifted the curtain and saw the scene inside, he was stunned.

Not to mention the people around the sedan chair were stunned, even Feng Jiu who had fallen directly on top of the girl was stunned. She stared at the girl in the wedding gown before her.

Although she was wearing a wedding gown, she was a girl, not a woman.

The girl was wearing a bright red dragon phoenix wedding gown. She had big round eyes and a small nose and mouth on her round chubby face. However, her little mouth was slightly open and it was stuffed with pastry that she had been eating. Even though she had fallen on top of the girl, the girl didn’t seem shocked. She just regarded her like she was some novelty and a feeling of surprise that she couldn’t understand.

What had astonished her even more was that the chubby girl had suddenly dropped the cake in her hand then stretched out her hands suddenly and hugged her tightly. She shouted words that left her extremely speechless.

“Father! Father! I want him! I want this little brother! I don’t want that pretty boy face from the Ruan Family, I want him, I want him!”

The crisp words came out of the girl’s mouth, and perhaps it was because she was quite big, hence strong, Feng Jiu’s whole body was pressed against the girl’s soft and plump chest in this embrace, and it made her blush.

“Let go! Let go! What are you doing?” She yelled, a little out of breath. She felt breathless at being strangled by the chubby girl.

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