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Chapter 1910: Bad guys

When Old Feng looked at the young man in azure, he was also surprised. That azure-robed young man leaning lazily on the column with his arms folded across his chest – wasn’t he the young man who gathered herbs that time?

Old Tan said at that time that the young man was his distant nephew. They didn’t know that it’s just a pretext. At first, he had taken a fancy to the inexplicable breath on this young man’s body. He had the feeling that if the young man taught by those people, he would turn remarkable and may become their helping hand.

What’s more, a few months had passed since he entered that place and nothing had been reported. Now, seeing the young man appear inside the Treasure Gathering Building with his people, wasn’t he worse than a great misfortune?

Thinking of the impending disaster, his face turned pale and his body shook, especially when he looked around and saw that the men in black who surrounded them were all Celestial cultivators. He cried out from the bottom of his heart, “It’s over, something turned really wrong…”

There were as many as twenty Celestial cultivators. Even if they had a few Celestial cultivators in their numbers, their first thought when things turned wrong was to flee.

But, when they fled to the back while fighting, they saw many Celestial cultivators guarding. There’s nowhere to escape!

“You, what on earth do you want!” Old Feng shouted angrily, staring at the young man in azure who walked up to him leisurely.

“Of course, it’s to reciprocate your grace! You gave me such a big gift, how can I not send you a gift in return!”

Feng Jiu chuckled. She looked at them and said, “Oh, by the way, you must not know about it! The Shadow Night Palace’s headquarters have been destroyed by us. It seems that you have not received the news yet. Indeed, if you’ve got the news, why would you still stay here, not leaving and not employing precautions?”

When those few old men heard this, their eyes widened with disbelief. “You, what did you say? What did you mean by that? You destroyed the Shadow Night Palace’s headquarters? How’s that even possible?”

That’s simply inconceivable! With so many strong exponents guarding the headquarters, how could they be easily wiped out? What’s more, they hadn’t received any news! This must not be true!

In spite of this thought, another idea arose. If it’s not true, how could the young man in azure escape? If it’s not true, how did they have the courage to attack the Treasure Gathering Building?

“Hiss! Aaah!”

Just when they were shocked and distracted, one of the Celestial cultivators among them was attacked from all sides and his arm chopped off. His blood flew out and his miserable scream rang out in the night.

Clang! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The sounds of blades and swords clashing as well as the blade intents slashing spread over the place. The more they fought, the more they had no way to resist. At this moment, a Nascent Soul Peak level cultivator ran out with wounds all over his body, shouting, “They, they also brought people to loot the treasury!”

When he finished speaking, he was killed by a Celestial cultivator and his corpse kicked towards the corner.

Those few old men turned pale when they heard this. One of them fell directly to the ground. “This, this…you, you…” He was totally confused, as if at a loss of what to do. Such a situation never came to their minds at all…

Feng Jiu glanced at those people. “Catching people to be in a death squad, you few old men are bad guys. You’re better off dead.”

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