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Chapter 1901: A cry for help

“Is a Celestial cultivator very strong?” Feng Jiu asked the two men lying on the ground.

“Are you already complacent with the strength you have today? Can you do evil? Can you be so arrogant?”

She bombarded them with questions that the two men could not even speak. It was unknown whether they were speechless due to shame or due to being beaten up so badly. All they knew was that they had been lying on the ground with their heads down with their bodies twitching slightly.

Feng Jiu stared at the two men. She looked away indifferently, then spoke out in a cold voice. “Lei Xiao, kill them!”

As soon as the words came out, the two men on the ground were frightened. They raised their heads abruptly with eyes full of panic. Only now they knew that their captain was really serious.

“Captain, don’t. Captain, don’t kill us…”

At Feng Jiu’s command, Lei Xiao strode towards the two men without the slightest hesitation. With one hand clasped by one’s throat and the head in the other hand, he turned his hands hard at the next moment.


With a snap, the man died without even a chance to scream. So did the other, who died at Lei Xiao’s hands before he could beg for mercy.

The people surrounding them watched in silence. They thought this was right and proper. At the same time, a warning rang out in their hearts. The fate of these two people would make them always remember what would happen if they violated the rules.

Feng Jiu turned around and looked at the crowd. “I hope you’ll remember what happened today. Keep in mind what things you shouldn’t do. If you break my rules, you will be punished even if you’re far away!”

“Yes! Don’t worry, Captain! We will never let you down!” They all said in unison.

Feng Jiu nodded, then looked at the two women at the side. “You can rest here for the night. Leave tomorrow when it’s dawn.”

“Thank you, Young Master.” The two women saluted. They didn’t dare to be disrespectful towards the young man in azure.

Bi San took his men to bury the two corpses. No one could sleep after such a thing happened that night.

At daybreak, the city gate opened and the two women left after giving their thanks. Feng Jiu and her people were still in the woods, waiting for the last team to return.

However, instead of the twenty-people team, only a cultivator who was covered with blood and badly wounded came.

As soon as the person stationed outside the woods to check the situation found the man, he hurriedly took him inside and asked, “How come it’s just you? What about the others? Is there something wrong?”

“Where’s Captain? Quick, take me to the captain.” The man gasped, clutching the bloody wound in his abdomen.

Two men in black helped him in and came to Feng Jiu. “Captain, something’s wrong. Please take a look.”

Feng Jiu came quickly to the man and saw that he was badly hurt. She frowned and asked, “What happened? Who hurt you?”

“Cap, Captain, our team was ambushed yesterday. A group was trapped in that Ghost Forest. Moreover, there were also devilry cultivators in it. Our Brothers tried desperately to let me escape and report the news. Please, Captain, save them quickly.” After saying this, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

“Take him under the tree. Bandage his wound immediately and stop the bleeding.” Feng Jiu told them while putting a medicinal pill into the man’s mouth.

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