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Chapter 1892: Magical Treasure

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Sage Hun Yuan snorted when he heard this: “What do you mean one old and one young interesting? You are truly insolent and have no respect for your seniors.” Although his mouth had said those words, his face showed no displeasure. After all, since he was someone who didn’t follow rules, he wouldn’t have taken any notice of his displeasure.

He stared at the young boy in azure robes in front of him for a long time, and finally, there was a glint in his eyes: “Actually, there are good treasures that I can give you. It’s just that I should know who I am giving the treasure to, don’t you think?”

Saying that, he took out a teleportation device from within his arms and placed it on the table: “This treasure is rare even in the four great sects.”

Feng Jiu glanced at it and said disapprovingly: “Isn’t it just a teleportation device? What’s so special about it?” Though having said that, her fingers lingered on the object in her hand. She could tell just by looking at it that it was a little different from ordinary teleportation devices.

“Hehe, you can’t tell, can you?” Sage Hun Yuan smiled triumphantly. He shook the teleportation device in Feng Jiu’s hands and was about to speak when he tilted his head and glanced at the door. He waved his hand and put up a soundproof barrier.

Upon seeing the old man putting up the soundproof barrier, Feng Jiu was slightly surprised, and her disapproving expression perked up: “Tell me then, what’s so special about this?”

As for the people outside the room who were eavesdropping, suddenly, they were unable to hear anything and they didn’t hear what the treasure was. Everyone realised that the people inside the room had put up a soundproof barrier so that they couldn’t hear their conversation.

When they realised this, their expressions soured. What kind of treasure was it that Sage Hun Yuan would take out and put up a soundproof barrier? He said that it was rare even in the four great sects. It seemed that it must really be a great treasure.

The more they wanted to know, the more they were unable to find out. They were itching with curiosity at not being able to find out.

In the room.


Sage Hun Yuan opened the teleportation device in his hand. When the teleportation device was opened, a small light floated out from inside. Inside the shaft was not an ordinary teleportation device mechanism but appeared to be a map instead. The names on the map also seemed to be floating, as if it had floated up and appeared right before her eyes.


Feng Jiu looked at the teleportation device curiously. It was the first time she had seen something like this, and she couldn’t help but stretch out her hand: “Let me see.” Just as she was about to take it into her hand, the old man reached across and patted her hand.

“Shoo shoo shoo!”

The old man had put away the treasure and smiled cunningly at Feng Jiu: “What do you think? Not bad isn’t it? It’s a treasure isn’t it? Let me tell you, what’s special about this teleportation device is that as long as there is a place painted on the map, then as long as you will it with your mind, you will be instantly transported to that place.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed in surprise: “Is it really that powerful?”

“Of course, otherwise, how can it be called a treasure?” Sage Hun Yuan smiled triumphantly.

Feng Jiu looked at him strangely and said: “Since it is such a precious treasure, then why have you taken it out? Have you got other intentions?”

“Hahahahaha!” The old man’s head lifted up in laughter and he said with a cheerful expression on his face: “That’s right, haven’t I just said it? I should at least know who I am giving this to, am I right?”

“It’s that simple? Surely not?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at him uneasily.

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