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Chapter 1886: Sage Hun Yuan

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The two women had retreated at this moment, their faces filled with resentment and grievance as they spoke: “This man killed our Junior Sister and the one inside hurt us. Master, you have to stand up for disciple!”

The glamorous woman didn’t speak but stared at the wing-room on the second floor. An old man had walked out of the wing-room, and when the glamorous recognised who it was, her eyes narrowed and she smiled: “I wondered who it was! So it’s you, old fool!”

Although there was a smile on her lips, there wasn’t a trace of smile in her eyes. On the contrary, her eyes had a chilling and murderous aura. It was obvious that those two people were already enemies to begin with.

Feng Jiu’s gaze had also transferred to the old man who had walked out of the wing-room at this point. The old man was dressed in white robes and the front of his white hair was tied up and the rest draped down his back freely. His white eyebrows draped down to his rosy cheeks and there was a white beard on his chin. He held a white horsetail whisk in his hand and had an air of an immortal about him. He had kind and benevolent eyes, and at first glance, he looked like an old deity immortal.

Of course, if the old man hadn’t spoken it would have been fine. When he spoke, it angered the woman so much that Feng Jiu found it very amusing.

“Old demoness, you’re not dead yet either, how can I be dead? How old are you now? You’re still dressed like a young demoness running around all day long with a group of young demonesses. Have you not looked at yourself in the mirror lately to see how thick your layer of powder is? Even if you don’t find it repulsive, I feel repulsed on your behalf.”

The glamorous woman was trembling in anger when she heard those words. She stared at the old man with hate in her eyes and cursed: “You old fool! You, you…”

“You what? My face is smoother and rosier than yours without powder on. Why? Do you want to fight? Oh? A few years ago when you met me, I warned you not to fall into my hands again, otherwise I will peel your demoness skin off!” Saying that, the old man put his horsetail whisk onto his waistband and rolled up his sleeves. He looked like he was getting ready for a fist fight.

“Sage Hun Yuan! You old fool, I will tear out your mouth today!”

Li Mei’er was truly angered. She had lived for many years and as a member of the Silk Tree Sect, she hated it the most when anyone mentioned her age. This damn Sage Hun Yuan kept calling her an old demoness and even said that the powder on her face was too thick. She couldn’t bear it anymore! She had cultivated for so many years and though she wasn’t his opponent a few years ago, she didn’t believe that she wasn’t his opponent now that she had entered the Immortal Sacred stage!

“Tsk tsk, have I hit the bullseye? Are you guilty? Are you angry? Look at you, you’re just an old demoness, you won’t amount to much. You and your demoness sect better be careful or I will destroy you sooner or later!

The old man looked casually at Li Mei’er whose face was flushed red with anger. His words made her angrier and she screamed in anger and five thin threads shot out from her five fingers towards the old man who was standing outside the wing-room.

“Move aside!”

With a wave of his hand, the old man pushed the ghastly looking man to one side. He was already feeling faint having been hit by the poisonous arrow. At this moment, when he was pushed to the side by the old man, he just sank into the corner weakly and panted lightly, then he took out an antidote pill from space.

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