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Chapter 1885: Don’t Dream Of Leaving

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Feng Jiu who was sitting in the corner of the restaurant glanced upstairs and couldn’t help but laugh at the amusing sight. However, that man wasn’t a block-head after all. When he saw the four women besieging him, he opened his eyes the next moment and glanced at the three women coldly. In the next instant, he made a fatal move against them.

“Ughh! Ahh!”

One of the women was being held by her neck and lifted up in the air by the man. The woman’s face was flushed as she struggled. Her legs kicked out but she was unable to hurt the man. When the other two women on the side saw this, they turned to attack him with the sabre and dagger immediately. However, unexpectedly, the man threw the woman at the two of them, and the sabre and dagger pierced into the woman’s body.


The woman’s lips trembled slightly as a muffled groan escaped her mouth. Her eyes were wide open and her body twitched slightly, then blood overflowed from her mouth.

“Junior Sister!”

The two women exclaimed and wrapped their arms around the woman as she lay in their arms and took her last breath. Their hearts trembled and their hands twisted tightly into fists, their pretty faces were cold as they took up their sabre and dagger and struck forward again. Their attack was more aggressive than before, suggesting it was a fight to the death.

On the first floor, Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she looked over at the woman who was holding on to the table for support. At some point, she had disappeared and Feng Jiu had no idea where she had gone.



The sharp air blade slashed across and the man grunted. He looked down unsmiling at his arm and saw a sleeve arrow had pierced his arm. There seemed to be poison on the sleeve arrow. After he had grunted, he took a few steps back and his face gradually became ghastly.

“Kill him!”

The two women shouted and swung forwards with their swords. However, at this moment, a chopstick shot out from the wing-room and pierced through the hands of the two women holding swords.


The two women screamed and their sabre and dagger fell to the ground. They held their hands and looked at the blood that seeped out of the hole in the middle of their palms and trembled in pain.

“Master, it’s right here, hurry up!”

A voice came through and the woman who had left had appeared with a group of seven or eight women and the woman leading the groups was a glamorous woman in her thirties.

“It really is the Silk Tree Sect!”

The cultivators who were standing by the entrance on the first floor had recognised the leader of the group. Their expressions changed and they retreated with a low whisper. The women from the Silk Tree Sect were demonesses who specialised in absorbing the vital essence of men to cultivate!

None of them were decent people. They did wonder, what decent women would take off her clothes while fighting against an enemy?

They turned out to be from the Silk Tree Sect, no wonder they were so shameless!

“Who dares to hurt my disciples?”

The glamorous woman’s voice was seductive but there was also a tinge of fierce aura in her voice. Once inside, her charming eyes stared directly at the people on the second floor. However, when she saw that one of the bodies on the floor was dead, her face changed.

“You dare to kill my disciple, don’t dream of leaving here alive today!”

A strong breath aura came out from the seductive and glamorous woman and permeated the air. That was the coercion of an Immortal Sacred cultivator. Once her coercion had come out of her body, it enveloped the entire restaurant and caused those cultivators with lower strength to pale instantly. The blood in their bodies rumbled and they had a faint urge to kneel down.

“So it’s Li Mei’er from the Silk Tree Sect.”

An old voice came out from the wing-room at this point…

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