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Chapter 1880: Destroyed

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Contract beasts had varying degrees of strengths. Even though their two contract beasts were sacred beasts, under the suppression of the super sacred beast and ancient sacred beast, the two beasts’ legs turned weak. They had no courage to fight and could only lie trembling on the ground.

When the two cultivators saw it, they almost spurt out a mouthful of blood. They had intended to get help from the two contract beasts, but who would have thought that the two ferocious contract beasts acted like grandkids in front of the ancient sacred beast and super sacred beast? They didn’t even dare to roar.


One of the men was suddenly thrown off by a swish of Old White’s dragon tail.


Blood spurted out of his mouth. That man was beaten a few rounds on the ground. When he was about to stand up, a puff of flame came his way. Startled, he rolled on the ground to escape the fire, only to be trampled by the super sacred beast that jumped to this side.


With a muffled groan, his body curled up and convulsed, as though his internal organs had been crushed under the foot of the super sacred beast.

Meanwhile, a strong stench of blood was emitted in the vortex. The two people inside did not stop but moved along with the vortex. It was unknown who got hurt, until after a groan was heard, one of them was kicked out of the vortex.



The person fell heavily to the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood. It was not Feng Jiu who had fallen down but the black robed man.

The mask on his face made a crackling noise as if it was about to split open. He also suffered a serious injury. The last blow, particularly, had hurt his lungs and made it difficult for him to breathe.

As the vortex gradually receded, Feng Jiu’s figure came into view. Just as she was about to attack again, the black robed man dusted off his robe after getting up and left his words.

“Feng Jiu, we’ll meet again!”

As soon as he spoke, a light flashed and the man disappeared into the air.

Feng Jiu frowned slightly. She actually let the man escape. Earlier, she thought that she could take him down, who knew…


The last scream came. The man who held out the last was finally turned to ashes and scattered in the air. After defeating their enemies, the three contract beasts glanced at each other and went to Feng Jiu’s side.

“Mistress, they’ve all been killed.” Old White took credit with its dragon tail swishing. Its eyes narrowed as if waiting for Feng Jiu’s praise.

In the distance, rumbling sounds were here all over the palace. It was like the rumble caused by the blast of the air against the rocks or the explosion due to the collapse of the palace. But, Feng Jiu only took a glance with her eyes narrowed. She told the three beasts, “Let’s go!”

“Yes!” The three beasts replied and jumped into the space at the next moment.

After leaving the woods, she set out for the place she had agreed with them. A day or so later…

In a town.

“Have you heard the news? The Shadow Night Palace’s main palace was levelled to the ground!” A male cultivator spoke in a low voice to several people at the same table.

“I’ve heard about it, too. The Shadow Night Palace is not far away from us. Due to the many boundaries and arrays set up there, it’s not easy for ordinary people to get in. But yesterday, because of the rumblings, many people went to see it. Then, they knew that the boundaries and arrays had been broken. The place turned into ruins. There were many corpses and no survivors were found.”

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