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Chapter 1871: Difficult to attack


The sudden sound of rumbling stomach made the black robed man pause his hands slightly and looked at the young man in black standing erect behind him.

“The Ninth.”

“Subordinate is here.” Feng Jiu took two steps forward and came to his side.

The black robed man looked up and saw a mask covering the young man’s face. Since he couldn’t see the young man’s facial expression, he said, “Take the mask off. From now on, don’t wear a mask when you’re around me.”


She removed her mask. Her outstanding look was expressionless, without any trace of embarrassment, as though the stomach rumble hadn’t come from her.

The black robed man stopped moving his chopsticks. Without taking another bite, he stared at Feng Jiu as if looking for a sign of awkwardness on her face.


Feng Jiu lowered her eyes in a deadpan manner, without meeting his gaze at all. It’s because she smelled the aroma with an empty stomach so that she made that rumbling sound.

This time, even the person serving food beside the black robed man was stunned.

“Withdraw.” The black robed man gestured for the servant girl to step out. He glanced at the young man. “Come, serve me the food.”

Feng Jiu drew the corners of her mouth back and went up to him. “Master, which one do you want to eat?” She asked, staring at the things on the table, thinking that everything was delicious.

“Anything will do.”

As the black robed man spoke, he picked up his cup and took a sip of the wine. Before swallowing the wine in his mouth, he saw the young man putting each kind of food using silver chopsticks into the bowl. Soon after, the bowl was filled to the brim.

“Are you feeding pigs? Remove them.”

Feng Jiu moved the bowl aside and filled a new one. This time, she only gave him a piece of brittle bone. Alright, feeding dogs now.

The black robed man ate slowly and didn’t seem to be picky about food. He ate what Feng Jiu picked, but he ate like a bird and only took two mouthfuls of each.

After finished eating, he took a walk again. An hour later, he returned to the palace and had the water bath prepared. At the same time, he threw Feng Jiu a bottle.

Feng Jiu took it and saw the words ‘Fasting Pill’ inscribed on it. She sighed softly, knowing that she shouldn’t think of eating meat and could only pad her stomach with the fasting pills.

When the black robed man went into the inner chamber after taking a bath, she was ordered to keep watch in the outer chamber. She couldn’t step into the inner chamber nor explore around at night. There should have been many people watching this bedchamber from the dark with someone more powerful than her among them.

In the next two days, everything was calm and nothing unexpected happened. She knew that the First and others had been brought back. Even though she had always followed the masked man closely, she had never seen his appearance. She was aware that there were many strong exponents here. If she stayed here for a long time, even if she didn’t have an accident, there would be no guarantee that nobody would find that the others were not poisoned by the Heart-Scattering Pill.

She sat on the palace’s column, staring below. On the other column opposite her, a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged. The middle-aged man didn’t even open his eyes, but his breath was restrained. It could be seen that he was not an ordinary strong exponent.

In addition to this middle-aged man, there were two imperceptible breaths in a place out of her reach. Even if she wanted to attack the black robed man, she was unable to find a good opportunity.

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