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Chapter 1870: Drowsiness

She watched from a covert place as the black robed man entered the palace and began to deal with some information and news on the table. When she arrived in the palace, his mask was not taken off, which made her wonder whether the face under the mask was disfigured. Otherwise, why didn’t he take off his mask when he got to his own territory?

In this palace, except for the old man who served at the black robed man’s side, there were only her and two other breaths in that covert place. Because standing alone was a little boring, after a while, her head nodded slightly and she fell asleep while leaning at the hidden place.

At first, no one noticed, until, when she let out a soft snore, the black robed man in the palace who was currently dealing with the documents, as well as the old man waiting by his side, were stunned for a moment. They both looked simultaneously towards the sound with amazement in their eyes.

The old man was about to call Feng Jiu, but unexpectedly, the black robed man stopped him with a raise of his hand.

A glimmer of interest surfaced in the black man’s eyes. He stood up and walked softly to the big column behind him. Before he got close, he saw the youth standing with his forehead leaning against the big column. Although the youth stood upright, there was no doubt that he was asleep. He was sleeping soundly and a soft snore was coming out from under his mask.

He found it a novelty when he saw this sight. No one had ever dared to doze off in his close proximity. It was also inconceivable that this youth could sleep standing up like this.

Due to the novelty, he walked closer and closer. But at this moment, the youth napping against the big column suddenly raised his head and those dreamy and somewhat drowsy eyes met his eyes.

“Master, please forgive me, Master!” Feng Jiu took a half-kneeling position immediately with one knee on the ground. At the same time, she closed his eyes and covered up the fleeting annoyance in her eyes.

In the middle of the palace hall, a calming sandalwood incense was lit. Its fragrance was delicate and pleasant. Besides, there was no sound in the hall. She was standing in the dark, leaning against the big column. Once she felt relaxed, she dozed off.

The black robed man narrowed his eyes A dim glimmer flashed in his eyes. He glanced at the youth and said, “Get up! Since you’re my close follower, you have no place to rest. It saves me trouble that you have this skill to sleep standing up.”

As soon as he said this, the black robed man went outside. The old man glanced at the youth in black and asked, “Why don’t you quickly follow?”

Feng Jiu went after him. When she walked out of the palace, she could even feel two sharp gazes looking at her from behind.

In the evening, eight dishes with bright colours, mouth-watering aroma, and excellent taste were laid out on the stone table in a pavilion. The black robed man was sitting there eating, while someone was serving him food on small plates. Feng Jiu, who was standing at the back, could not help muttering inwardly.

What a poseur!

By simply smelling the aroma of the food, she could not help inhaling the fragrance. It’s deadly! It’s a total seduction! What’s on the menu? There was spirit rice, spirit vegetables, as well as spirit meat. There’s a full feast right before her, but she couldn’t take a bite. This was real torture.

She hadn’t had a good meal since she entered into the Shadow Night Palace’s training ground that took several months. If they saw her, she bet they would say that she had been emaciated.

At this thought, she could not help sighing secretly. She was really capable of getting herself into trouble.

But it did not matter. As soon as she figured out the lay of the land here, she would put an end to the Shadow Night Palace’s den!

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