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Chapter 1847: This kid

When Feng Jiu and the others entered, they found that the dungeon was as huge as the square above. However, they didn’t encounter anyone along the way.

They heard clearly that inside were devilry cultivators who had committed an offence and waited for death. However, there was no one in sight. They turned vigilant. They walked in a team of two with their backs facing each other, paying attention to the movement around them.


All of a sudden, a sharp shout was heard and a man in tattered clothes came out. At the next moment, dozens of people in rags, almost naked, came out and rushed toward Feng Jiu and others. Their speed and momentum were like hungry beasts, making the people scared witless.

Although both sides didn’t carry weapons, the killing intent rose up and the chilly aura made the whole dungeon gloomier. The low shouts, the sounds of striking fists and palm winds rang loudly inside the dungeon.


Lei Xiao reached out and twisted a devilry cultivator’s neck. The cracking sound accompanied by a blood-curdling scream was mixed in the chaos.

“Crack! Ah…”

“I kill you!”

“I kill all of you!”

“Go to hell! Ah…”

In the chaotic battle, the fallen bodies were trampled upon, some tripped over them, and as they fell to the ground, another man rushed up to strike the other party’s fatal points.

The sound of chest shattering was heard. The man who was hit in the sternum spurt out blood from his mouth, his body shook and breathed his last with both eyes staring out with great reluctance.


A man in a black gasped. His clothes were torn at the arms, showing bloody scratch marks on the arm. From the wound, it looked as if he had been scratched by a wild animal.

“Hiss! It hurts to death!”

The guy who was scratched was the bearded man who took off his underpants last night. He ignored the wound on his arm and swung his fist at the opponent. The punch, which contained the spirit energy breath, crashed down on the opponent’s head.


With a heavy thump, the man’s head cocked and he fell to the ground, spurting out a gush of blood. The bearded man turned around and chopped at another man. At the same time, as he tackled the man in front, a man behind the bearded man stabbed him in the back of the head with a sharpened bone.

When kicking a devilry cultivator, Feng Jiu caught a glimpse of this scene. Seeing that the bearded man was in danger, she immediately moved her hand and shot out a silver needle.


The devilry cultivator with the sharp bone in his hand let out a scream and grasped his wrist. When he was about to attack again, someone threw a devilry cultivator on him while he was caught unaware and the sharp bone in his hand pierced his own heart.

The bearded man looked back in stupefaction. He grinned at Feng Jiu. “Thank you!” While he was talking, he suddenly stared at Feng Jiu in astonishment.

The reason was the thin and frail young man turned around and struck a Golden Core cultivator flying. The man was killed in a single slap! He was dumbfounded by her nimble skill and beautiful motion.

Wasn’t this kid at the Foundation Building stage? How, how did he strike a Golden Core cultivator flying with one palm?

He noticed that everyone around was fending for himself and didn’t pay attention to the kid. Just as he wanted to take a closer look, a fierce attack came from his front…

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