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Chapter 1845: Why did you kill them?

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“Why did you kill them?”

Ghost Elder’s voice was very soft as if he were afraid of scaring her. In that voice, there was a trace of curiosity, as if he really wanted to know why she did it.

Feng Jiu trembled. She looked up at Ghost Elder and answered, “Because, because we are the Shadow Night Palace’s people already. So, naturally, we can’t watch them attack you. At that moment, I didn’t think of anything else and just rushed up in a daze.”

The more she spoke, the lower her voice. However, after hearing the answer, Ghost Elder showed a satisfied look.

“Very good, it’s good to have this awareness.”

Ghost Elder looked at everyone. “From the moment you put on the Shadow Night Palace’s uniform, you immediately became our people. I don’t want simpletons, wooden dummies who only obey orders. I want people who are flexible and open to change! Only in this way, when you go out on a mission in the future, can you better fulfil the orders issued by the top!”

“You’re the Ninth?” Ghost Elder shot a glance at the card on Feng Jiu’s waist.

“Yes.” Feng Jiu answered with her head bowed. Her manner was so respectful so that no one could find any fault.

“Although your strength is the last among these people, your brain is quite nimble. I like it. I’ll tell you what!” Ghost Elder paused a bit and glanced at the crowd. “Today I was going to pick a captain from among you, but for now, you’ll be in charge!”

“Me, me?” Feng Jiu asked with a stutter. She was somewhat astonished.

“Yes, you.” Ghost Elder nodded in a good mood. Obviously, he was very pleased with the sight of Feng Jiu saving him earlier.

“But, my strength…is the weakest…” She whispered.

“If you are weak, you will find a way to bring it up. There will be an assessment experience every period of time. If you are still so weak, without having anyone to take action, I will kill you first!” Ghost Elder squinted with a fierce look on his face.

“Yes!” Feng Jiu responded. She had no pressure in his heart at all. Weak? Let’s have a try! If she wanted to fight, no one here would be her opponent!

Lei Xiao, Bi San and others restrained their gaze. Inwardly, they thought that if the Ninth had not killed those people, everyone would have suffered from the bite of poisonous snakes. Killing them was helping them.

But, did the Ninth mean what he said or was his actual thought was the same as theirs?

Suppressing their thoughts, they followed one of the Celestial cultivators to pass the underground tunnel to the dungeon. As soon as they entered, the smell of death came to them, and their relaxed moods turned nervous again.

“These are prisoners who are ready to be executed. On the first day today, I gave you a task to kill the people inside.” The Celestial cultivator spoke in a cold voice. He opened the last stone door and let them all in.

No one asked any questions, because everyone knew that the people inside would be extraordinary. Otherwise, it didn’t make any sense that all of them were allowed to come in at once. The only thing certain was that no matter how many people there were, those people’s strength was absolutely above them!

“Don’t we have weapons?” One of them couldn’t help asking.

The Celestial cultivator glanced at him. “Only after passing this level can you be qualified to choose weapons.”

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