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Chapter 1843: The snake pit

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Feng Jiu took a brief look at the snake pit in front of her and then at the seventy over detained men. Some of them were pale with cold sweat on their foreheads. Some of them were staring at the snake pit in front of them with gloomy faces and pursed lips.

Feng Jiu looked away from those people. Her gaze turned towards the Celestial Strong Exponent and the Nascent Cultivators on the side and then looked down slowly.

Did they intend to push those people down the snake pit? These men had been caught from the outside and they were not heinous people. It could be seen from their ability to survive in that forest that they had some skills. Putting these men to death in this way would be too excessive.

She sighed softly in her heart as the thought crossed her mind. Would the Shadow Night Palace’s people possess human consciousness? Maybe they perceived human lives as ants. By killing these people, not only would the Shadow Night Palace be able to terrify them but also show its ruthless and bloodthirsty methods.

She believed that after this first-hand experience, even those who were disloyal had to consider whether they had the skills to completely escape from their palms. Otherwise, if they fell into the Shadow Night Palace’s hands, their life would be worse than death.

The crowd was silent. Ghost Elder came from behind. The alluring woman was no longer at his side. She had been killed by him when she seduced Hao Junhao in the forest.

Ghost Elder walked to the front. His gloomy and cold viper-like eyes flitted across those people in the sturdy suits. His gaze fell on Feng Jiu for a while, either intentional or unintentional, before looking away.

With a look at those men whose bodies tensed up, his cold voice came out unhurriedly. “As I said before, those who failed the examination will die, and they will die a miserable death.”

As soon as he finished speaking, with a wave of his hand, two Nascent Soul cultivators escorted two deathly pale men forward.

“Don’t, don’t…”

They went weak at the knees and their trousers were wet at the crotch due to extreme fear. They turned pale with fear as they looked at the snake pit. There were many kinds of death, but this kind of torturous death was the most unacceptable.

They were not afraid of death, but they were scared of pain and the death of the soul.

“Push them down.” Ghost Elder’s voice was vicious as if he didn’t regard them as humans.

“No, don’t. Ah, help, help….aah!”

The Nascent Soul cultivators pushed the two men into the snake pit. As soon as they fell, the poisonous snakes wrapped around them tightly. After a while, their sharp mournful screams turned faint. They were motionless and their faces turned dark purple. Their bodies were covered with bite marks from the vipers’ fangs.

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered slightly. Her gaze fell on the Ghos Elder, secretly suppressing an impulse to murder.

Ghost Elder didn’t notice Feng Jiu’s gaze. Instead, he looked at those standing and said, “Be vipers’ food and wait for death to strike while alive – I’m sure it’s the feeling that you won’t like very much.”

Ghost Elder smiled grimly and looked at those seventy over men. “Kneel down and beg me to save you. Perhaps, I will let you off the hook and give you a chance to live.”

As soon as he said this, more than thirty of them fell on their knees with a plop and kowtowed to him.

“We don’t want to die, we don’t want to die. Please give us another chance to live. We will be obedient, we will go through fire and water. We won’t give up again…”

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