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Chapter 1841: Communal bunk

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“From now on, we’ll pretend not to know each other even if we meet.” Lei Xiao immediately told the crowd. “It doesn’t matter that they know we’re in a team during the previous journey. But when we get here, we’ll disband, just as we were before.”

“Mm.” The crowd responded, knowing that this was the best way to go. So, they formed a group with a few people. All of them dispersed, some left first while some took their time leaving.

Naturally, Feng Jiu stayed with Lei Xiao and his group. There was also that Hao Junhao. It was not until noon that they went out of the forest, but before that, the man they met earlier had already sat there waiting by himself. Besides him, there was Ghost Elder as well as several Celestial cultivators and Nascent Soul devilry cultivators.

When those people saw them appear, they took a glance at the incoming group calculatingly. When Ghost Elder saw that the young man in an azure robe came out alive, he could not help looking at Feng Jiu with surprise and sized her up secretly.

The young man’s face was pale, his clothes were torn, and his hair was dishevelled. He was no longer as clean and handsome as when he first saw him. After a glimpse, he looked away and kept on waiting with his eyes squinted.

They sat down in the corner, occupying their own spots without speaking to each other. More people arrived, one after another, all of whom were members of the same group before. All of them sat down with a look of exhaustion and gasped for breath.

They stayed there until the sun went down. Only then did Ghost Elder opened his eyes, swept a glance at the last remaining people, and dropped a sentence. “Bring all of them back.” He left first on the flying sword.

Feng Jiu and others were taken back by several Celestial cultivators aboard the flying ship. When they returned to the square, they all stood around, not knowing what would happen next. At this moment, they were still a little nervous.

“Eat it.” One of the Celestial Strong Exponent flicked his sleeve. Medicinal pills flew in front of everyone and fell into their outstretched hands.

As soon as she took a sniff at the medicinal pill, Feng Jiu knew that it was a Fasting Pill and swallowed it down. In this place, it was an unrealistic hope to be able to eat meat. So, having a Fasting Pill was already quite good.

After they swallowed the medicinal pill, they felt that their hunger had finally disappeared and there was also a sense of satiety. They could not help but exhale softly. Heaven only knows how much energy they had expended during those three short days!

“Take them away. Gather at dawn tomorrow!” That Celestial Strong Exponent gave the order. Several Nascent Soul cultivators took seventy or eighty of the men away.

Yes, that’s correct. Out of the 378 people, after the three days, besides Feng Jiu’s party of 50 or 60 people, only a dozen others came out. So, altogether, only 70 or 80 people passed the test.

They were taken into a room with three large communal bunks, each of which could accommodate about 30 people to sleep. After entering the room, they were given a set of black robes.

“From now on, you will all live here. When you go out of the room, there’s a place for bathing on your left. Get a change of clothes now. Tomorrow, gather up after you get up tomorrow!” After giving this instruction, the Nascent Soul cultivator turned around and left.

Feng Jiu chose the seat closest to the wall to sit down and rest for a while, then took the robes. She saw that some people had begun to take off their dirty and dishevelled clothes and staggered into the communal bunk after wearing only a pair of big underpants. Seeing that, her lips twitched and she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

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