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Chapter 1839: News

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The others were baffled to see the stilted expression on his face. Just tell it like it is. What topic makes an adult man so awkward? Besides, they’re all men here.

“How did you get to know about this news?” Lei Xiao asked while looking fixedly at the man. “If you have something to say, just tell us. Don’t be so timid.”

“Who is being so timid?” He glanced at him begrudgingly. He coughed and said, “I got the news from that Ghost Elder’s woman.”

Everyone was shocked. “That woman? You don’t say! Even if she knew, why would she tell you the news?”

His face flushed slightly as if he was taking a deep breath, yet he kept mum for a long time.

Feng Jiu couldn’t help blink. She stared at the man with rapt attention and surprise in her voice. “Did you seduce her?”

“Who seduced that woman?”

He denied it hastily. When he saw that everyone was staring at him, he coughed. “It was that woman who wanted to seduce me, so I beat her at her own game and got a lot of information out of her. The news is definitely true.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded. It made sense, especially since the man had had a fair complexion and not bad-looking either. At first glance, he had the looks of a pretty boy and much more attractive than the Ghost Elder.

“But, you mentioned Ghost Doctor earlier. Is this person truly skilled in medicine?” Lei Xiao asked.

“Mm, according to my friend, there is no poison in the world that Ghost Doctor can’t solve.” He answered in an affirmative tone, evidently trusting his friend.

Feng Jiu touched her face, feeling a bit flustered. She’s standing here and these people were singing her praises without even knowing it. Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.

The crowd gathered around and discussed it, and finally decided to take a chance. So, after a brief introduction, fifty or sixty of them followed the map and continued their journey.

Throughout the journey, Feng Jiu learned that the team that consisted of over thirty people had already gone through a thorough reorganization. There were no devious people among them, and neither was her group of a dozen people. So, those fifty to sixty people formed a party. Although they encountered danger along the way, they managed to get through it safely.

In addition, there were experts in all domains among them. They were also very firm and persistent in nature, so it’s apt to call them good seedlings.

“There’s a water source ahead of us. When we get there, we will have a rest for a while.” The man with the fair complexion, Hao Junhao, opened his mouth and pointed to a place not far ahead.

“Do you have a map, too?” Lei Xiao asked them.

“Yes, we have one copy.” They nodded and glanced at Lei Xiao. “Do you have the other copy?” They had a look at the map the other party took out at that time, but they didn’t expect that both maps would fall into their hands.

“Not bad.”

Lei Xiao replied and stopped speaking until they all reached the water source. Those people sat down and had a rest. A while later, a few of them took a look around vigilantly.

Bi San and He Sheng looked at each other, got up and walked around. Seeing this, Feng Jiu followed them. When they arrived at a place a little farther at the front, they saw that someone had already arrived here one step faster than they did.

When they saw the man sitting at the water source, Bi San and He Sheng looked at each other with unconcealed shock.

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