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Chapter 1832: Why Are You Still Alive Kid?

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Had he gone crazy from hunger?

Maybe in their eyes, she had also gone crazy with hunger, that’s why she was eating grass!

When she thought of this, she sighed lightly in her heart and threw away the grass in her hand. As she stared at the two people, she thought silently to herself: It was going to be daylight soon, which meant they only had two more days left. She wasn’t even sure if they had even walked halfway through the forest yet. Would they be able to make it out of the forest in two days if they kept going at this speed?


A muffled cry came from the two men and when Feng Jiu looked back, she saw the Golden Core cultivator who had grabbed the piece of fruit had been kicked by Bi San, and the fruit had also been retrieved by Bi San.

“Get out of our team!”

Bi San shouted in a low voice, his sharp gaze was like a sharp knife. At that moment, his whole body was filled with bloodthirsty breath. It seemed like if that person had dared to take another step forward, he would have killed him.

Upon seeing this, that man clutched his stomach and stood up. Unwillingly and resentfully, he stared at Bi San, and then Feng Jiu, before he turned and left, disappearing into the wild weeds.

“Take it!” Bi San stood in front of Feng Jiu and handed her the piece of fruit with a solemn face.

Feng Jiu glanced at him and reached out to take the fruit, saying: “Thank you.”

Although she had food and water in space, and this amount of exertion hadn’t taken up much of her physical strength and energy, she had to appear awkward so that she wouldn’t rouse suspicion.

Bi San walked away with a stern expression on his face. He walked to the front and exchanged a few words with Lei Xiao and the others. Not long later, everyone was ready to get moving again. It was also at this moment that two Nascent Soul cultivators suddenly appeared from the tree above and sprinkled something from the black bag they held in their hands.

“Ssss! Ssss ssss!”


“It’s snakes!”

“It’s poisonous snakes!”

In an instant, the people who had been sitting around resting dispersed quickly in alarm when they felt the slippery snakes on their bodies. Some who weren’t quick enough screamed as they were bitten.


In the chaos, Feng Jiu was eating the fruit. Before she had time to swallow, she saw a colourful snake flung towards her. She immediately picked up the branch next to her and swatted the snake away. She stood up immediately and walked over to Lei Xiao and the others.

As she was walking, the snakes that had been thrown in her direction were swatted away by her. At this time, those two Nascent Soul cultivators had already left. Even if she had wanted to throw the snakes at them, she couldn’t see them anywhere in sight.

As she dodged the snakes, she noticed a poisonous snake around her feet that was slithering towards Bi San. Bi San was only looking up and hadn’t noticed anything on the ground. When she saw this, she pretended to avoid the snakes and stepped on the snake’s head in the chaos.

Once she had stepped on the snake’s head, the pressure from her foot had increased and the snake’s tail swung sideways a few times before it stopped moving. Lei Xiao and the others shouted in a low voice and left this area hastily. She followed them, and behind her, others also followed.

They walked away quickly. When they were roughly five hundred metres away from that place, they stopped. They saw that their original team of over thirty men had dwindled down to about twenty after the two bags of snakes had been dropped on them. They looked awkward and disheveled, and their faces were flushed with anger.

It was only natural. They had been captured and brought to this place only to be controlled by others. Even their own fates weren’t in their hands. From time to time, such things would happen and they felt suffocated with anger and yet they were also helpless.

“Damn them, they want to kill us all! One of the strong men shouted, his eyes swept across the group and fell on Feng Jiu. He was stunned: “Why are you still alive kid?”

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