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Chapter 1823: Breath Of Death

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When the three hundred or so men heard this, they fell silent. Maybe they felt a little lost for their unknown future, or maybe it was because ever since they had been captured to this place and were fed poison, they were no longer in control of their lives.

At this moment, if they didn’t want to die, the only thing they could do was to fight hard to live. Even if they were Shadow Disciples and had to live under disreputable identities.

“How big is this forest? How long does it normally take to walk through the whole forest? Will we have any medicines or weapons to defend ourselves with? Is there a map? When we arrive at the other end of the forest, will there be someone there to coordinate with us?”

Within the crowd, a man in his mid-thirties asked those few questions in a calm voice and pointed out the most critical point. This attracted the attention of the few devilry cultivators, and even Feng Jiu glanced over at him.

The thirty-something man had a bloodthirsty aura around him and it was obvious that he was a very hard-hearted person. Even as he stood, his back was straight as a pen and there seemed to be a cheetah-like breath all over his body.

Feng Jiu was a little surprised that such a person would have been brought here. It seemed that the strength of the men who had been sent to capture these people were quite extraordinary!

One of the devilry cultivators glanced at everyone and said: “Though this forest is not that big, however, there have been people who have walked for over a month and not been able to make it out of the forest, and yet, there have been people who have made it out of the forest in three days. There are two copies of the map, but as for where they are, they are hidden in the forest and you will have to find it.”

The devilry cultivator paused and glanced at them. Then he sneered: “As for weapons and medicines, ha ha, before you officially become a Shadow Disciple, it is impossible for you to have any. All the weapons you have in the square right now will not be allowed to be brought into the forest, violators will die!”

After some more instructions were given, the three hundred something people were taken to the entrance of the forest.

As she looked at the weeds as tall as half a person amongst the disorderly grown trees, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but sighed secretly: This forest doesn’t even look like there is a path, in addition to not getting lost in this forest, she had to find her way out and avoid being hunted. These from the Shadow Night were really not good people.

She had an intuition, out of these three hundred and seventy eight people who were going to walk into the forest, she was afraid that there wouldn’t even be seventy eight who would make it out. She knew well that in order to be a Shadow Disciple, one had to be the elite of the elite. Only those who could avoid danger and still survive were worthy of becoming a Shadow Disciple.

Also, as far as Shadow Disciples were concerned, as long as they were elite, not many of them were needed, and once they took action secretly, she was afraid that the death rate would be very high.

Although she didn’t know the people in here very well, she couldn’t bear to watch them die for no reason, especially when some of them were only teenagers.

How could any teenager survive such a brutal elimination by death?

Moreover, as there were only two maps between nearly four hundred people, she was afraid that there would only be a lethal fight between each other once they had all entered the forest. When she thought of this, she breathed out softly.

Forget it, she would walk slowly lest she become a target of all the attacks that were bound to happen ahead.

Once she had made the decision to fall behind, she gradually separated from the group. The people in front of her hadn’t taken much notice of her either. They thought that a thin, weak young man naturally wouldn’t be able to walk through the forest as fast as he would be able to on a flat road anyway.

Two hours after they had entered the forest, a breath of death enveloped the forest quietly…

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