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Chapter 1817: The cold and unfathomable Ghost Elder

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Not long after Elder Tan left, two men in black came in. They glanced at Feng Jiu in the iron cage, then came forward to open the mystical iron lock. After covering Feng Jiu’s head immediately with a black sack, they escorted her out.

In the dark, Elder Tan watched. He sighed and finally left after shaking his head. His figure disappeared in the dark of the night…

Feng Jiu sensed that those two men pushed her forward while walking. She was unable to see the direction clearly and had no idea where she would be taken. Then, she was led into a transportation array by the two men.

Because of the strong spirit energy breath of the array, she could still sense it even if she couldn’t see. She became more and more surprised. Was there a transmission array in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion? Wasn’t it just to transport her to another place? Why did they use a transmission array?

Although she was surprised, she said nothing. Their sole responsibility was to escort her, so it’s useless asking them.

Her arms were restrained by those two men in black. There was such a powerful suction that even if she couldn’t see, she could feel the transmission spun and both her feet were not on the ground. It was as if she was transported into space. After a while, her feet touched the ground again.

A distinctive smell assaulted her nostrils. It reeked of blood, the kind that was blood-thirsty and fierce. She heard the clanging of swords and low shouts.

Somebody took off the black sack over her head. She finally saw the scene before her eyes clearly.

It was a huge square with yellow sands as its ground. Green leaves and grass were not in sight. There were iron cages around the field where sleeping ferocious beasts were kept. At some spots in the middle of the field, men sat on the ground.

Some of those people were in their teens, some were young men in their twenties, and some were burly men in their thirties. There were all kinds of people, but they had the same vigilance and ruthlessness.

Seeing her appear so suddenly in this place, those people squinted their eyes to stare and sized her up with their blood-thirsty gazes. Then, they looked away coldly.


The two men in black next to her gave her a push and she could only step forward and followed the two men in black to go around the square to a house abutting the hill behind them.

The house was simple and crude. However, it was the best that existed in this place. In addition to several mighty devilry cultivators guarding outside the house, the person inside that house seemed to have even more unfathomable strength.

“Ghost Elder, here’s the new kid.” The two men in black who brought her here stood respectfully outside the door and saluted. They didn’t dare even enter without the permission of the person inside.

“Didn’t they say it’s just about enough? Why did they still send someone?” Inside came a cryptic voice. The voice was soft yet as terrifying as a venomous snake.

“To answer Ghost Elder, it’s Old Feng who sent him here. He said that this kid is simple and honest. If cultivated well, he may be of great use.”

“Is that so? Bring him in and let me take a look.”

After the voice from inside the room was heard again, Feng Jiu was taken inside by the two men. Inside, Feng Jiu gulped and her body quivered. Her face became deathly pale as she looked at the man lying on the soft couch.

The man seemed to be a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties. However, his figure was small and fragile as if he would collapse as a gust of wind blew. Even his face was thin, pale and frail-looking.

However, his eyes were cold and bloodthirsty. The breath all over his body was even more unfathomable. Being watched by those eyes was like being targeted by a venomous snake which made people couldn’t help but shiver.

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