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Chapter 1801: The Tigress Sends Off Its Cub

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The tigress was dumbfounded when it saw the wound on its abdomen had disappeared without a trace. Immediately afterwards, it watched as the human in front of it removed the thread from its healed wound and applied a layer of ice-cold ointment on it.

It looked at the human, and then at the little tiger cub laying next to it. For a while it lay there deep in thought.

“Alright, take your cub and return to the depths of the forest!” Feng Jiu touched the white tiger’s head and said.

Upon seeing this, the tigress seemed to have made a decision. It bit the little tiger cub beside it and pushed it to Feng Jiu. The tigress stood up and shook its fur and found that only the injuries on its hind legs still hurt a little. The rest of its body had recovered and the breath that it lost had also returned. The coercion of the Beast Saint naturally radiated out at this moment.

When Feng Jiu and the tigress were talking, the Lu Family had awoken. They watched in astonishment as the tigress pushed its little tiger cub to Feng Jiu. What was even more incredible was that the tigress had recovered overnight. The dying tigress had been restored to life and the speed of its recovery surprised them.


The little white tiger cub stretched out and opened its mouth making a wailing sound, like that of a cat’s. It opened its eyes slowly and walked on its four weak legs from Feng Jiu back to the tigress’ side. It rubbed its little head against the tigress’ underside like it was looking for something.

Feng Jiu looked on and smiled lightly as she watched the little tiger cub desperately searching for food under the tigress. From time to time, it turned its head slightly and stared at Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu was unable to turn her gaze away from the cute little milk tiger cub.

The tigress allowed the cub to suckle away while it looked lovingly at its cub. A tiger claw lifted up and gently stroked the little milk tiger cub’s snow-white fur. It wasn’t until it had hiccuped before the tigress pushed it back to Feng Jiu.

The little milk tiger cub thought its mother was playing with it and ran back excitedly. Its short tail shook excitedly as it hid in its mother’s soft fur.

The tigress was helpless and it caught it once again and pushed it in front of Feng Jiu. This time, the Lu Family looked up at the sky, speechless.

This was really strange, the mother would actually be willing to give away its newborn tiger cub? It even pushed the little milk tiger cub away again and again, it was incredible.

“You want to give it to me?” Feng Jiu asked with a smile as it pondered whether to take the little white tiger with her.


The tigress let out a low cry and once again pushed the little milk tiger cub to Feng Jiu’s side. This time, it didn’t stay but turned around and leapt into the woods and disappeared.

“Ao ao! Ao….”

When it saw that its mother had left, the little milk tiger chased after her on its short legs. However, after it had chased after its mother for a short while and couldn’t find her, it sat on the ground and wailed. It sounded so pitiful.

Feng Jiu stepped forward and picked up the little white tiger into her arms. She looked into the forest and said: “You don’t have to look for her anymore, your mother gave you to me. If there is a chance you can come and visit her in the future!”

Having said that, she walked over to the Lu Family with the little white tiger in her arms. She stopped and looked at Old Patriarch Lu and said: “Uncle Lu, when are we setting off? How much further is it to go down the mountain?”

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