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Chapter 1798: Intent Concentration

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Feng Jiu replied without looking back: “These people don’t seem like nice people, so naturally kill them and get it over with.” Sometimes you have to be brutal, some people could live and some people couldn’t.

Upon hearing this, a glint of light flashed across Old Patriarch Lu’s eyes. He hadn’t expected the young man to be so straightforward about killing. After all, he looked like he had never been in these kinds of situations before, having lived in the mountains for such a long time, he would be simple and honest…

When he thought of him being simple and honest, he touched the corner of his mouth with one hand and coughed lightly.

Even he made mistakes sometimes! This boy was not simple and honest! Could a simple and honest person take down a dozen or so loose cultivators quietly? Could a simple and honest person talk about killing people to end matters so casually?

The more time he spent with this young boy, the more mysterious he found him to be. He thought that he had seen right through him and that he was a young man who was not deeply involved in the world. However, this belief had been broken again and again and it had shocked them deeply.

After he had gathered his thoughts, he gestured to the men around him: “Deal with those people properly.”

“Yes!” The strong men were used to these kinds of situations and answered swiftly. Except for the two who were guarding Old Patriarch Lu, the other men took out their daggers and slit the throats of the unconscious men.

The light movement of the dagger that took the lives of the Nascent Soul cultivators and the Celestial Strong exponent made them feel kind of weird. They had never used a knife to take the lives of such powerful cultivators in one move before.

The grey-clothed old man was a physician, and though he had not stepped forward to help this time, he did take a few steps forward and watched. Even at his age, he was unable to cut open the belly of the tigress. At this moment, he watched by the light of the fire as Feng Jiu drew out a sharp dagger. First, she had shaved the fur off the tiger’s belly and then she smeared some sort of medicine onto its belly. A strange smell diffused into the air.

He didn’t dare to disturb the young boy when he saw the concentration on his face, but just watched quietly. He watched as the young boy sliced open the tiger’s lower belly with the sharp dagger and a gush of water burst out. At the same time, blood also gushed out and the tigress howled and howled. Next, he saw the young boy reach into the opening and groped lightly in it.

Not long after, a little tiger cub whose body was wet and covered in blood was lifted out in the young boy’s hand. When they saw the little white tiger cub curled into a ball, everyone around was a little stunned.

It, it’s out already?

The tigress didn’t have any more strength to howl and its whole body relaxed, as if its vitality had come to an end. It tried to open its eyes to look at its child, it wanted to lick it and remember the scent of its body.

However, with the passing of its vitality coupled with the gushing of blood from when its belly was cut open, it only felt darkness before it fainted and plunged into the boundless darkness…

Feng Jiu put the tiger cub onto a piece of clothing it had prepared beforehand then she quickly sewed the tigress’ abdomen with needle and thread.

The grey-clothed old man stared intently at this scene before him. When he watched the young boy sewing the wound and blood didn’t flow out, he wanted to ask him questions but he was afraid of disturbing him, so he suppressed the urge to ask.

Though he couldn’t help but ask: “Young Brother Feng, why are you sewing the wound? Is the tigress still alive?”

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