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Chapter 1797: How To Handle It

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She lifted her head and looked at the white tiger, she finally knew what the pleading in its eyes meant.

She felt the white tiger’s body with her hand and when her hand felt the blood, her brows wrinkled. She hadn’t expected the tiger to have suffered such a serious injury. When her hand felt the tiger’s belly, she could feel the vitality of the white tiger slipping by, it’s injury was more serious than she had imagined.

Moreover, its amniotic fluid had also burst and its hind legs were trembling. It had no strength to give birth to this little white tiger. The tigress had raised its belly to her to show her that it wanted her to open its belly and take the little tiger out.

When she realised this, her mood became somber. Whether it was a human or an animal, the nature of motherhood was always so touching.

A white tiger that was about to advance into Saint Beast level was willing to sacrifice itself for its offspring and exchange its life for the birth of its offspring.

“Woo…” The tigress whispered, as if it was urging her to proceed quickly.

The low howl brought her back to her senses. She looked at the tigress with a soft smile: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Let me take a look at your wound first.”

The tigress lay on her back and refused to move. It looked, its pleading eyes were moist and its tears flowed out and disappeared into its fur.

“Since you want my help then you have to listen to me. Hurry up and don’t waste anymore time.” She spoke softly and patted the tigress on its head.

Helplessly, the tigress turned on its side and showed her its wound.

Feng Jiu cleaned up the wound and after she had sprinkled some powdered medicine on the wound to stop the bleeding, she said: “Lie back, stomach up!”

The Lu family who were standing nearby watching were dumbfounded. A white tiger was rolling around on its back and turning itself while the young boy touched it and sprinkled medicine. What was he doing?

“Feng, Young Brother Feng, what are you trying to do?” Old Patriarch Lu couldn’t help but ask. He didn’t even realise there was a stutter in his voice. He had never seen such a strange thing in his whole long life.

“The white tiger is about to give birth but it is injured. It’s vitality is draining and it doesn’t have the strength to regenerate. I have to open the tigress’ belly to take the little tiger cub out.” Feng Jiu said without turning its head and continued: “Uncle Lu, please can you help me light a fire and bring it over here?”

The Lu family were dumbfounded as they stared at the young man with his back to them. He, he, he is going to cut open the belly of the tigress like those people were going to?

Although it was because the tigress was unable to give birth because of the loss of its vitality, that would be too cruel! Would he be able to do it?

When she didn’t hear a reply, Feng Jiu looked back and called: “Uncle Lu?”

Old Patriarch Lu met those calm and clear eyes and suddenly recovered from his reverie. He responded quickly: “Oh, yes of course.” He ordered the people around him: “Quickly, light another fire and bring it to Young Brother Feng.”

The others also recovered from their shock and quickly picked up branches and lit a fire next to Feng Jiu. They looked at the unconscious loose cultivators on the ground and hesitated involuntarily, then they looked back at their Family Head.

“Master, what are we going to do with these people? If they wake up after the effects of the medicine has worn off won’t it be troublesome?”

Old Patriarch Lu pondered for a while and then looked at Feng Jiu: “Young Brother Feng, how do you intend to handle these people?”

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