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Chapter 1795: Can’t Make A Move

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“I won’t do anything rash.” She said softly. Her eyes were fixed ahead and she wondered how long this white tiger would last.

When Old Patriarch Lu saw the expression on Feng Jiu’s face, he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised and there was a strange feeling that he couldn’t describe. Although the loose cultivators were besieging a heavily pregnant white tigress, this was the way the world was, the strong overpowered the weak.

Furthermore, the white tigress was a rare white tiger from the tiger clan. Of course it was only natural that those people would have their eye on the white tigress. Moreover, judging from the strength of those people, it was only a matter of time before the white tigress fell into their hands.

In front, the white tiger fought hard, it let out a low growl. There was anger and anxiety in the tiger’s eyes as well as a trace of worry that the outsiders were unaware of.

Its hind legs were trembling and drops of blood trickled down them. It had to avoid the attacks from these people but the pain from its stomach caused it to lose its strength quickly. Not too long after, a long sword aimed for its neck. It tried to avoid the attack but it fell onto its stomach because of the weakness from its hind legs.


The white tigress roared in grief and indignation, its tiger eyes stared fixedly at the long sword. However, at the most critical moment, it saw a small light flying past and pierced the sword holder’s wrist with a slam. The pain caused the man to drop the long sword and it fell to the ground.

After its crisis was averted, the white tigress was taken aback. Its gaze swept across and landed on a young man in azure robe not too far away. It met the young man’s gaze and let out a low howl.

Everyone in the Lu family who were standing behind Feng Jiu couldn’t help but felt strange when they witnessed that scene. They didn’t see how Feng Jiu had made the move, they only saw the man with the long sword who was about to stab the white tigress let out a low shout and fell to the ground.

“Who is it?” The man whose long sword had fallen shouted sharply. His gaze swept back fiercely and fell on the Lu family.

“It’s me.” Feng Jiu replied, her eyes narrowed as she smiled. However, there was no smile in her eyes. Her light voice sounded out and she was just about to step forward.

“Young Brother Feng!” Old Patriarch Lu had come to Feng Jiu’s side at some point and put his hand on his shoulder to try to stop him.

Feng Jiu turned back and smiled at Old Patriarch Feng: “It’s alright, they won’t be able to make a move on me.” Saying that, she stepped forward.


“Master, don’t intervene.” A strong man stepped forward and said in a low voice: “We only just met him, we can’t provoke those people because of him.”

“Father, we are outnumbered. It’s best not to get involved.” Lu Jiming also whispered. It would be unwise to make enemies out of those people because of someone they had just met.

However, as soon as he had spoken, something was wrong with the expressions of the dozen or so cultivators. Their footsteps swayed and they couldn’t stand firmly. He was a little dumbfounded.

“Damn it! What’s wrong?” One of the loose cultivators pushed the big blade in his hand into the ground to support himself as cold sweat oozed from his forehead.

“My whole body feels weak and I can’t even summon my spirit power. We, we have been poisoned!” Another loose cultivator stared in shock and looked at Old Patriarch Lu’s party thinking it was their doing.

But, how did they drug them without making it known? What did they do? They didn’t even notice a thing at all!

In comparison to the shock of those people, Master Lu and his company also had a look of disbelief on their faces at this point…

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