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Chapter 1785: Leaving at night

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She looked at the sky outside to gauge the time. Although it was getting dark and the night grew deeper, it would be just the right time for her to leave.

So, she turned around and told Murong Yixuan who stood behind her. “Since your master has awakened and the poison in his body has been solved after taking the elixir, I won’t stay here for long. I’m taking my leave!”

Murong Yixuan was surprised. “You’re leaving? Now?”

She nodded. “Mm. I have nothing to do here, anyway. Since I’m already here, I’ll have a look around first!”

Hearing this, he was a little worried. “It’s getting late now. If you want to leave, why don’t you go tomorrow! It’s difficult to travel in the dark and you’re alone. How can I be at ease when you’re leaving by yourself?”

Feng Jiu smiled. “It’s not like I haven’t travelled through the night. Alright, so be it! See me off the sect’s gate! I can go on my own once I’m outside.”

Since she had already decided, he sighed and spoke nothing more. He only instructed Black Wind, the black-clad guard behind him, to keep watch at his master’s side. Only then did he personally send Feng Jiu off to the sect’s main gate.

They rode on the flying swords. The sky was getting gradually darker but they didn’t attract the attention of other people in the sect. When Murong Yixuan sent her out of the sect’s gate, he asked, “Where are you going next? Do you have any plans?”

Feng Jiu chuckled, looked at the road ahead and said, “I’m taking a look around first. Anyway, this place is so vast. I’ll go wherever my feet take me.” With that, she turned around. “Go back! I’m leaving.” Then, she waved and stepped forward.

Murong Yixuan looked deeply at the departing figure. That red robe was extremely dazzling even at night. Looking at her natural unrestrained elegance, his eyes flashed slightly. There was sadness in the depth of his eyes. He only told her gently, “Be careful on your journey.”

Sometimes he could not help thinking that if he had not acknowledged the wrong person and if he had not broken off their engagement, would they have a different ending?


However, after every contact with her, he knew that she was Feng Jiu, not Feng Qingge. As Feng Jiu, she was proud, confident and aloof, natural and unrestrained. Even if she didn’t break off their engagement at the beginning, as long as he didn’t enter her heart, the two of them would never be a couple.

What was Feng Qingge like? Only a few years later, he seemed to have forgotten everything in the past. All he remembered was Feng Qingge who became Feng Jiu…

Maybe, as Feng Jiu said, he loved Feng Qingge, but he didn’t love her deeply enough. Otherwise, how could he not recognize that the person close to him was not his beloved?


In this world, when one lost a relationship, it would lose forever. So, even if he wanted to retrieve it, it’s impossible to do so…

He shook his head and smiled. He thought he had let go but he still had this longing. After putting this mood away, he turned and went back.

At this time, the Sect Master, the old man and all the Peak Masters who heard the news had come to the main peak. They saw Black Wind guarding the cave-dwelling, but they didn’t see Murong Yixuan. They wanted to go in, but they were stopped.

“True Monarch has already fallen asleep. Ghost Doctor instructed that no one should disturb him.” Black Wind said in a flat voice.

“Is he really awake? Has the poison been solved? Where’s your Young Master? What about Feng Jiu? Why don’t we see them?” A True Monarch asked. Those two people were nowhere to be seen.

“I’m here.” Murong Yixuan’s voice came from behind them.

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