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Chapter 1784: It’s even

“What news?” The Sect Master asked.

“The thing is…several news have spread about the Phoenix Star. One of the news is that on the lower continent, the princess of a low-rank country is very likely to be the Phoenix Star. But, according to the latest news, this small country seems to have been wiped out six months ago and there was no news ever since. The other ones are on the upper continent where we reside. One that a few sects are positive about is the identity of the daughter from an influential noble family.”

He paused slightly, then continued. “According to the news, when this woman was born, there were auspicious signs in the sky. Her talent is very outstanding. She is in one of the four great sects, the Heavenly Sun Sect. She acknowledged a True Monarch as her master. Her reputation in the Heavenly Sun Sect is very good.”

“When the news came out, the Heavenly Sun Sect sent people to visit Old Man Tianji to ask if she was the woman. However, Old Man Tianji didn’t give a direct answer, only a few vague words. In the past few months, the woman’s status in the sect seems to have been raised again.”

“Although the Heavenly Sun Sect didn’t release the news, some people who received the information speculated that the Phoenix Star is probably this woman.”

Hearing this, the Sect Master pondered a bit. “Then you can send someone out to inquire about it. If it is true, the Heavenly Sun Sect will not hide it from us. After all, even if we know who the Phoenix Star is, we will only cultivate and protect her, and will not do any harmful thing to her.”

“Yes, then I will send someone to go to Heavenly Sun Sect tomorrow.” The old man answered. He was about to withdraw when he heard a voice transmission from the jade card. After listening to it, the old man looked at the Sect Master with surprise.

“Sect Master, I just heard the news that the young man in red has succeeded in refining the medicinal pills. At the time it took a half column of incense to burn after taking the pill, True Monarch Yuan Qing was conscious.”

The Sect Master was also surprised. “So fast? We didn’t see any movement here. Isn’t it the sixth-grade pill? How could this be… ”

He instinctively looked up at the sky. It was still as calm as before. He couldn’t help but ponder secretly. Did that young man perhaps obtain the detoxifying pill much earlier? Otherwise, why was it that nothing happened after the sixth-grade medicinal pills were successfully refined?

They both got up and left, intending to see what was going on.

In the main peak where True Monarch Yuan Qing resided, Murong Yixuan was introducing Feng Jiu to him. “Master, she is Feng Jiu. Thanks to her, you are safe and sound this time.”

True Monarch Yuan Qing nodded to Feng Jiu. “Many thanks. Yixuan mentioned about you before. Unexpectedly, we met under these circumstances.”

“True Monarch just woke up and your body is still very weak. Please take a good rest first! After a few days of recuperation, your health will recover slowly.” Feng Jiu spoke softly.

“Alright.” True Monarch Yuan Qing just came to. His body was indeed feeble. After a few words, he was asleep again.

Murong Yixuan and Feng Jiu went out. When they reached the outer area, Feng Jiu handed Murong Yixuan another bottle of medicine. “Take one pill every day from this medicine bottle. After three days, take the other medicine to regulate breathing. The poison is solved and the person is well. I’ve done what I promised you.”

“Thank you so much. I really owe you this time.” He was truly grateful.

Feng Jiu smiled and waved her hand to object. With a smile she said, “It’s even, there’s no need to say thank you. As a matter of fact, I made some gains.”

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