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Chapter 1778: Being struck dumb

What medicinal pill was that? How powerful!

The sect’s physicians and alchemists altogether failed to come up with a method of detoxification. After all, they didn’t dare to use the bloodletting and detoxification method that this young man in red employed. In their opinion, a body like True Monarch Yuan Qing’s could not stand such torment.

But, they had no choice but to admire the young man’s skill. It’s because the poison in True Monarch Yuan Qing’s body seemed to be under control and no longer rose to the heart. The dark purple palm print on his heart seemed to fade a little and his breath had stabilized, not as weak as before.

When they saw that the young man took out a blade and a tweezer, about to work on the wound that they had already bandaged and treated, they could only remind her. “We have already treated the wound. The concealed weapon inside has been removed.”

Feng Jiu ignored them. Talking would be a waste of her energy. This wound was inflamed, feverish and blackened. They said that it had been treated and cleaned? She didn’t think so.

So, the two men saw the young man in red cut the wound open, removed the carrion outside, opened the wound wide and deep until the bone inside was exposed.

When they saw the black bone inside, the two men were shocked. They looked at each other with disbelief. Their lips moved but they couldn’t say a word.

They thought they had taken out the concealed weapon and treated the wound well, but they didn’t expect that the poison had penetrated into the bone…

Just when they were ashamed of their carelessness, they saw the young man scraping on the bone with a bone scraper, scraping out layers of black debris. The sound of the sharp blade scraping the bone made them tremble.

It’s really picking meat and scraping bone! Fortunately, True Monarch Yuan Qing was already unconscious. Otherwise, he would have to bear the pain of scraping flesh and bones.

Murong Yixuan watched with fear. He knew that she was skilled in medicine, but he didn’t expect her to be this brilliant. Unexpectedly, by looking at the wound, she could diagnose that the poison had penetrated into the bone marrow and was not clean. She could also pick the flesh and scrape the bones like this.

Even the old physician who had been practising medicine for decades dared not do this kind of thing. Her beautiful and exquisite face looked very serious and focused at this time. She. once again, refreshed his cognition.

It turned out that she still had such a side…

With the poison on the bone scraped clean, the two men secretly breathed a sigh of relief. However, they were worried again, because, after the young man in red sprinkled medicine into the wound, he unexpectedly took out the needle and stitched the wound.

Seeing the young man in red sewing the wound with a focused and serious attitude, they were sweating. Did he treat True Monarch Yuan Qing’s skin and flesh as rags? How could a man’s flesh be sewn with a needle? It’s too, too incredible…

Feng Jiu, who finished sewing the wound, raised her eyes and saw them staring blankly. “What are you doing? Aren’t you physicians and alchemists? Go and boil some decoction for tonifying the vital energy, nourishing blood and expelling poison. His poison is still not clear yet. The wound on his wrist can’t be bandaged. Change the water from time to time and give him some decoction for tonifying the vital energy, nourishing blood and expelling poison at the same time. ”

“Tonifying vital energy, nourishing blood and expelling poison? What about the medicinal pill? Isn’t it better?” The two asked in unison.

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