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Chapter 1773: Opulent Celestial Sect

Murong Yixuan’s eyes lit up when he heard this. She had agreed!

He immediately replied: “I do! My Master gifted me with one. I can teleport directly back to Sect and we will be there within two hours or so using the Teleportation Device.”

“Get up!” She said, and looked at him: “You saved my Grandfather and Grandmother, this time I will save your Master to balance it out!” Saying that, she looked at the sky and then said: “Go and wait for me over there, I will join you as soon as I have arranged my affairs.”

“Alright!” He replied. He stood up then turned and walked out.

Shadow One and the black-clothed bodyguard stopped fighting when Feng Jiu stepped outside. After Murong Yixuan and the bodyguard had left, Shadow One stepped forward hurriedly and said: “Ghost Doctor, are you really going with him?”

“Well, he saved my grandfather and grandmother. Besides, how can I refuse him when he begged me like that?”

She looked at Leng Shuang and said: “Go and bring Luo Yu, Du Fan and the others over here, and also my elder brother, my grandfather and my grandmother. I have something to tell them.” After she had given her instructions, she turned around.

When she turned around, she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze already dressed and standing by the door. The expression on his face was not good, his expression was tight, he had obviously heard their conversation.

She stepped forward and held his hands: “Did you hear everything?”

“Mmm.” He replied. He looked at her and said: “You have to be careful when you get there. Don’t be too arrogant and keep a low profile, don’t be too conspicuous.”

He didn’t try to stop her from going because firstly, her mind was already made up. Secondly, Murong Yixuan had saved her grandfather and grandmother. She had only said a few days ago that she would definitely help him if he needed her help in the future. Now that he had knelt down and begged for her help, if she didn’t go, this would become the demon in her heart obstructing her cultivation in the future.

Although they had only just been reunited not too long ago and he couldn’t bear to see her leave again, he had known for a long time that she was not an ordinary girl. Naturally, she couldn’t be compared to the average woman. He had discovered from the beginning that if she was capable of doing the task herself, she wouldn’t rely on others.

But right now, he was worried if she would be safe once she had arrived there.

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu smiled and stretched out her arms and hugged him around his waist: “Well, I know. Don’t worry. I will miss you when I’m there. When you have finished handling everything here, come and find me! I will be waiting for you over there!”

He touched her face gently and planted a kiss on her forehead: “Go! I will accompany you to the front.”

Feng Jiu allowed him to lead her to the front of the palace. In the front of the palace, Du Fan, Guan Xilin and the others were already there, and even her grandfather and grandmother had also arrived. Therefore, she told them about the matter at hand.

“So that’s it. I will be going over there with Murong Yixuan first to see if his Master’s poison can be cured.”

Feng Sanyuan nodded: “You go ahead! Don’t worry about us, we will bring the Feng Guards with us and meet up with your father when the time comes. As for Du Fan and Luo Yu, they can go over in a few days time with Guan Xilin.”

Mo Chen’s face had paled as if his body hadn’t yet recovered when he heard the news. He said: “My internal breath is unstable, I plan to recuperate for a few days before leaving. It’s not convenient for me to come along since you are going to the Opulent Celestial Sect anyway. Tell you what! When you are done with your business, come to look for me at the Nalan Residence and I will help you arrange somewhere for Du Fan and the rest to stay.”

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