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Chapter 1770: Very Straightforward

His eyes moved away from her beautiful, blurred eyes and fell on her delicate red lips that were slightly open as she gasped. As he looked at the red and delicate lips that were swollen from their hot kiss, as if they were inviting him to kiss them again, his eyes darkened. He raised the wine glass he held in his hand and poured the wine into his mouth then leaned down once again and held on to those delicate and charming lips.

The affectionate and fanatical kiss made Feng Jiu breathless and she pushed him away. Her face was red and she looked at him affectionately and said: “I’m almost out of breath.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze laughed when he heard this. His deep, magnetic voice was hoarse and very charming. When he heard Leng Shuang reporting from outside that the bath water was ready, he picked her up and walked into the bathroom separated by the bedroom.

The two figures, a man and a woman were like cross-necked mandarin ducks as they played in the bath of water. In the bathroom, their happy and carefree actions made their hearts beat faster and even the moon deity hid behind the clouds…

After their bath, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood up and picked up her weak and limp body. He carefully wiped the water from her body like she was a treasure before he carried her over to the big bed in the bedroom.

He lay her flat on the big bed and as he watched the beautiful person like a piece of jade in front of him, he felt an evil fire surge from within him. However, at this moment, the person on the bed stretched out her hand suddenly and pulled him down. He fell down to the bed, but in the next moment, he realised that the person who was supposed to be under his body had turned over and exchanged positions with him.

The quilt that was abandoned on the side was pulled up and covered both their bodies, revealing only a snow-white back and round snow shoulders.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s gaze was deep and there was excitement in his eyes. His magnetic voice was hoarse and somber when he spoke: “Do you really want to lead?” There was an inexplicable meaning in the tone of his faint voice.

Feng Jiu’s eyes met his deep gaze affectionately, she didn’t speak but used her actions to express her feelings. He watched her as she leaned down. Her lips pressed on his eyelids, then flitted to his ears and she whispered: “Close your eyes and feel.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze closed his eyes upon hearing her words. Because he closed his eyes, his senses became clearer. He felt her lips as they moved across his earlobe and came to his Adam’s apple where she took a bite. He felt his body go stiff and with a muffled snort, his whole body tensed tightly.

She continued downwards, her fingers stroked his strong chest and went straight down to his eight-pack abdominal muscles on his abdomen. She heard the sound of his gasping and muffled hums with the light touches of her fingertips and she chuckled cheerfully.

“You alluring spirit!” He took a deep breath and opened his eyes and was met by her beautiful smiling eyes.

“You have to hold on, the best is yet to come.”

She chuckled. She could breathe slowly as she was the dominator, she didn’t breathe weakly unceasingly. On the contrary, he who was underneath her was tightly stretched, like a piece of tight string that with a light stroke would produce a beautiful rhythm…


Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face was flushed because a certain black-bellied alluring spirit was leaning down on him and bit his chest. In an instant, he felt a rush of electric current that spread through his entire body and caused him to hum involuntarily. Especially the mischievous hand that lingered between his waist and abdomen, gave him an unspeakable feeling…

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